Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social
1. What do you miss most about being a kid? Summer's off! I also miss getting a spring break.
2. Did you have a nickname growing up? What was it? Yes, all of my family called me Jenny (a good majority of them still do). Now most people call me Jennifer, Jen or Jmo
3. What was your favorite thing to do at recess? Tether ball.

4. What did you want to be when you grew up? A dentist
5. What was your favorite toy? Dixie's Diner. It was a play set and so fun!

6. What is the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you about? I don't know what was the funniest but I know that once I ran my tricycle up someone's leg that we didn't really know and the guys reply of, "Can you kindly get your child off my slacks?" made everyone laugh. 


Meghan said...

Umm, I want that diner! So much fun!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

SUMMER off was the BEST!

Unknown said...

Stopping by via Social Sunday. I sure wish I still had summers off, too! Happy Sunday!

Jax said...

I like JMo! I'm going to call you that from now on! :) And I also wish we had a spring break.. *sigh*

Unknown said...

Tetherball was totally my favorite too!