Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Trilogy Comes To An End

I recently finished the last book in the Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver.
Requiem picks up where Pandemonium left us hanging. Lena is doing her part in the resistance to fight against the Cured. She saves a boy named Julian from a death sentence and has been able to find love again. Now that they are in the wild together she realizes she'll have to be to him what Alex was to her. However... Lena isn't prepared for the shocking surprise of not only one but two people from her past.

Regulators are beginning to infiltrate the Wilds in an attempt to wash out all of the invalids. The government can longer attempt to pretend that the invalids don't exists due to the invalids filtrating facilities and cities. They realize that the invalids are gaining more people and beginning to enter inside the walls from the Wilds. A large take over is coming and Lena's home city of Portland could be the catalyst for it all.

During this book we get to see Lena and Hanna's (her best friend before being cured) lives run parallel to each other. Lena working her way back inside the wall with the resistance and Hanna having been cured who's preparing to get married. Will they cross each other's paths again?

If you've never read this book begin with the first book in the series and go from there. For me the first book was hard to get through because of certain characters but the second and third books were much better. I enjoyed the series and I hear there may be a television series in the works for the books. Check it  out!


Unknown said...

I only read the last paragraph in this post. I'm afraid to read what happens. I'm on the waiting list to read it and am dying after the end in the 2nd book.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I really loved this series and I loved that the end kind of left things open to interpretation. It's how it should be.

Shoshanah said...

I actually liked this one the best out of them all. I just loved how hopeful it was, even though it was a bit ambiguous.

And there was a tv show in the works, except unfortunately Fox didn't pick it up to air. So it doesn't look like it'll be happening. :(

tara said...

love this series so much!!