Friday, March 14, 2014

The Rum Tour

Puerto Rico is home to the Bacardi Rum Factory. It's also home to Don Q. It wouldn't have been a real visit to San Juan without a stop to each. First up, was Don Q. Honestly, I had never heard of Don Q before being in Puerto Rico. Maybe I just don't know my liquors but I've heard it can only be found there but I'll have to do some investigating. Everything seems to be international nowadays.

Our group stayed in Old San Juan. To get to the Don Q building we could simply walk there. It took maybe a five minute walk. It's also conveniently located across the street from the ferry port that is required to get to the Bacardi Factory. Don Q is a small building that houses some of their historical items and a large selection of their liquor.
Entering Don Q
Don Q historical items
Don Q is very small and only takes a minute to walk thru. Once we finished at Don Q we walked across the street for the ferry ride to Bacardi. The ferry is seriously cheap and it only takes a few minutes to get to the island. Once you get to the other side, it's a short taxi ride away and if you are wearing good shoes you could probably walk it. Since it was in the high 80s and humid we chose to taxi it. Bacardi is gated and as the gates open up they let you know you've arrived.
The bat symbol is everywhere and their actual factory is huge. Did you know Bacardi started out in Cuba? Once Cuba began it's downfall, the family owned business moved to Puerto Rico and has been located there ever since. Did you know that if you ask for a Bacardi and Coke that it's against the law for the establishment to give you any other kind of rum? Yep! Bacardi went to court over it and if you ask for it by name, they either have to give it to you or let you know beforehand that it's not available.

Bacardi is a happening place. Our tour wait time was 45 minutes. While you wait you can hang out in the shade and enjoy free samples of their many different drink combinations.
Once you enter the actual tour, they surround you with Bacardi symbols, history and rum.
Bacardi also has extremely beautiful grounds. Maybe it's just Puerto Rico but the surroundings are just picture perfect.

At the end of the tour they take your photo for free! Um... who doesn't love free?
Once the tour is complete they drop you off at their gift shop where you can purchase alcohol and anything and everything with the words Bacardi emblazed upon it. However, you are not required to purchase anything and the tour is completely free. It only cost me a dollar to get there on the ferry. If you find yourself in Puerto Rico take the time and visit the factory. It's a fun experience! Don't forget about Don Q!


Anonymous said...

I haven't heard of Don Q either! And wow those views ARE gorgeous!

Meghan said...

I bet the tour was fascinating! What a cool opportunity!

lil desiqua said...

Fo Free is Fo Me! Glad you enjoyed it! I've actually never been to the Don Q factory, but I have tried it before. I prefer Bacardi :)