Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Review

This past weekend I headed to the theater to see Divergent.
I've read the entire series. First let me tell you that I loved the first two books. I hated the third. I mean I really hated it. I hated how the book read. I hated how the characters were written and I hated the ending. To me personally it felt like Veronica Roth (the author) wrote the book based on the opinions of others and didn't feel like she wrote the book who the first two were wrote. With that said, I still wanted to see the movie. I had really enjoyed the first book and fell in love with some of the characters. I also loved the second book so I wanted to see it opening weekend.

Well... I thought it was just ok. I think they left out a lot of important things that the audience would need to know to really understand the story. The movie also had certain parts completely unlike the book. It was as if they were like, "Oh I don't like that! Let's just change it to what we like." Um... no. That's not how it should go. So I thought the movie in general was just OK. I probably won't buy it on dvd and that says a lot for me.

In addition to going to the movies, I did the always dreaded yard work. Since spring is here in northern California the grass is going crazy, the plants and flowers are sprouting and the weeds are in full force. It's basically the pits. My yard is huge. Thankfully, Beezy has been helping me this year to work on the yard.

I also went to a Kings game this week. I hadn't been to one since January! Crazy! We use to go all the time but since they keep losing...
The three day weekend went by far too quickly.


eHa said...

I can't stand it when they change things from the book for no apparent reason. I get that sometimes they have to change things when they change mediums. I also can't stand it when they leave big things out! I feel so bad for the people who haven't read the books and just see the movie when they do that!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

We'll be going to see Divergent on Wednesday. I was kind of so so about the whole series but I still want to see it anyway!

lil desiqua said...

I didn't get to see Divergent because I was sick over the weekend- gah! I'm currently reading the 3rd book (and like it so far), but I really loved the first two, so hopefully I'll get to see it next weekend! I'm so jealous you guys actually have spring- we're expected to get more snow tomorrow...ugh.