Friday, July 18, 2014

Hawaii Bound

I've got a vacation to Hawaii booked for this year and I can't wait! When I sat down to make my packing list (like I do for every trip I take), I had to decide what would be essential for the big island. I'll be there for over a week and I'm already taking some excursion essentials like snorkeling gear, a portable beach cooler etc. So when I started making my list for carry on and checked baggage I knew I needed these items....

First up...
Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Lotion. I'm a big fan of Banana Boat and have used their sprays for years. I love the smell and this particular product really moisturizes dry skin after being out in the heat all day. It's already in a plastic zip lock and ready to be put in my checked bag. Security isn't getting this one!

The Marilyn Monroe Hat. I saw this on Unique Vintage months ago and the moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I instantly saw images in my mind of sitting on the sand in Hawaii taking photos in this hat. When it came to the house, I realized how huge this hat really is. It'll cover my shoulders and protect them from the heat besides just shield my eyes from the sun. It's got that vintage inspired throwback look to when Marilyn Monroe had one similar. I can't wait to carry this bad boy on the plane and plop it on my head the moment I land.
3. A Romper.
I haven't worn a romper since I was a tween but since their back in style and super comfortable, I thought why not?! So when I was given a Nordstrom gift card for my Birthday, I picked out a romper. It's going to be hot in Hawaii and that'll help keep me cool. It even has pockets to hold my room key. My romper is blue and white.

4. Camera Tripod.
I was gifted a really nice DSLR camera for my Birthday last month. Since getting it, I've become obsessed with taking photographs. I can't wait to use it in Hawaii but what I needed was a tripod. What if Beezy and I went somewhere that there wasn't any strangers to awkwardly ask to take our photo? I'm not a fan of the idea of a stranger holding my expensive camera and dropping it either. So this tripod and a wireless remote was the way to go. I've figured out how to use the remote and it's going to hopefully be successful!

5. A Waterproof phone holder.

So I have to admit it. I am still carrying around the iphone 4. There I said it! I'm in a contract and I refuse to pay like 599.99 for a cell phone. Excuse me, I remember when the nokia brick phone was like 19.99 with no contract. So um no. I can hold out till September. That being said, I don't have a really nice case on it like an Otterbox or Lifeproof. What would be the point of buying an expensive case when I know I'm getting a new phone in a few months? So what did I do? I took to Amazon and read over hundreds of reviews and found this beauty. I tested it out with an old phone and it totally works! It'll keep the water and sand from getting in the phone and allow me to still accept calls and take photos. WIN.

That's just a few things I'm going to pack for Hawaii. What's something you would suggest? Have you ever been?


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I have my iPhone 4s, and I'm waiting too. As long as the phone works it's all okay. :) Plus, I refuse to buy the life proof cover - it works but $90 for it?! Uhm no.

Anonymous said...

I make a list of things every time as well. You need too.

Always start with everything you WANT to take and then cull, cull, cull back to the essentials and basics is how I do it.

Nicole P said...

I've been following your Hawaii shenanigans on FB & Instagram like a stalker haha looks like you had so much fun! I wanted to try the waterproof case but I was too damn scared lol