Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Biggest Hotel Ever

Beezy and I stayed on the Big Island at the Hilton Waikoloa Village. We stayed at this hotel because not only did Beezy and I go to the big island but so did 19 other members of his family. Two people in his family and had stayed here before and had a timeshare set up. We booked a King Ocean View room and hoped for the best. We had heard tons of positives and negatives about the resort.
We arrived early in the morning and had to wait a few hours before the hotel could give us a room. While we waited for our room we were occupied with looking around the resort and their vast array of tropical birds. Some of them even talked to us!
Cosmo the bird on the right is 37 years old!

Butterscotch the Cockatoo was my favorite. He's actually a pale pink color.
The resort is huge. As a guest of the hotel you have three choices on how you can get to your room. You can walk or you can take of the two trams or boats. They also have a waterfall and lagoon that is home to tropical fish and sea turtles. We swam with them and it was very cool!


 Dolphins on property
 A view of the ocean towers
Buddha Point
While we enjoyed the resort we don't think we'd ever choose to stay there again if we go back to the big island. It was just too large for us and very expensive. One of our biggest pluses was the view that our room provided at sunrise...
Hawaii sure did know how to provide those sunrises and sunsets.


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