Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Year in Review

2014 has been one of the best years of my entire life. Seriously. I mean it. I know a lot of people say that every year but I don't. I didn't know I could have this continuously happy feeling and it feels amazing. Why was this year one of the best? Well let's review it...

I bought a new couch. Beezy was at my house everyday.

Beezy and I celebrated our first Valentines day together.


We headed to Puerto Rico! Beezy and I went with his cousin and a group of her friends. Neither one of us had ever been there before so it was nice to go together.

The Easter bunny paid us a visit!

Beezy completed the mud run and prepared for the Spartan race!

I turned 30 years old. I thought I was going to be really sad but I wasn't. It was just weird to say that I was 30 rather than 29. My mom came to town and helped us celebrate!
 Napa/Lake Tahoe
We spent a week on the big island of Hawaii. We snorkeled, went to volcanos, visited black sand beaches and even green sand beaches.
I experienced my first raiders game. The tailgate parking lot too.
The Kings started playing again!!!That meant that we went to a lot of games.
On Halloween we celebrated by going in costume to the Kings game. They liked us so much they put us in their Halloween costume contest! We also celebrated Beezy's birthday!
I went home for Thanksgiving and Beezy headed to Tahoe to be with his family. We also went to the Justin Timberlake concert.
We got engaged! Went a Hornblower cruise around the bay. Celebrated our Anniversary and we also celebrated Christmas and it was all wonderful!
I can't wait for 2015!!


Unknown said...

2014 was seriously good to you! I love your couch, and you look beautiful in the May picture.

SWMNBN said...

You really did have an amazing 2014!!! You know, I don't know if I know the story of how you two met...

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

You sure did have an awesome 2014!! Cheers to an even better 2015! Woohoo!!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Wow, such a fantastic year for you!!! Here's to an amazing 2015 - this is seriously going to be an amazing one for ya. :)