Thursday, December 4, 2014

Theater Thursday

It's the first Thursday in December so you know what that means? It's Theater Thursday... the Christmas Edition! This is my favorite time of the year and my favorite movies! The first movie in the Theater Thursday Christmas edition is none other than... Arnold Schwarzenegger's Holiday Blockbuster hit Jingle All the Way!
Arnold stars as Howard, a non stop, on the go businessman. The day before Christmas he realizes that he never got his son the only thing he's asked for, for Christmas. A turbo man doll. The problem? Turbo man dolls are high in demand, have sold out and can't be found. In the search for a turbo man doll Howard runs into a fellow dad on the search for the doll, a postal worker named Myron (Sinbad). During their quest they battle it out, covering the city for the sparse item. Anything and everything happens to each of them.
However, while Howard is away from his home. His next door neighbor and single dad Ted (Phil Hartman) decides to seize the opportunity to make a play for Howard's wife Liz (Rita Wilson). He shows up to bake cookies, string lights and steel Howards' Christmas thunder. Howard's nerves start to get shot. Bad goes to worse and when he realizes he can't get his hands on a Turbo man doll he thinks of stealing one. It all comes to a head at the town's holiday parade where the real turbo man is making an appearance.
If you've never seen this holiday classic from 1996, it's time to watch it! You'll laugh that's for sure.