Thursday, January 22, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is, Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
Honey I Shrunk the Kids stars Rick Moranis as Wayne, the eccentric inventor. Wayne has been working on a new invention in his attic for months. When he's just about to give up, it unknowingly starts to work. The neighbor kids knock a baseball through the window and hits the machine. When Wayne's kids and the neighbor kids, Russ Jr. and Ron head up to the attic to find their baseball the machine turns on and works on the kids.
What does the machine do? It shrinks things! All four kids become smaller than an ant. When Wayne comes home and sees the baseball at the machine, he's so annoyed that it doesn't work he starts to break it. He mistakenly sweeps the kids into the trash and takes it out to the backyard for pick up. Now the kids must try to work their way back to the house which to them is about 3 miles away now due to their size.
Russ and his wife (the neighbors) start to worry about their two boys and why they haven't came home. Wayne and his wife start to wonder where their kids Amy and Nick are at. When they can't find any of them they start to try to put the pieces together. They realize that Wayne's invention really does work! Now the hunt is on for the kids. The kids though have their own battles to deal with before they can get back to the house.
The kids have giant rivers to deal with, large bees and even ants. The kids will have to cross their own jungle before they can get home and try to get back to normal size.
If you've never seen this classic... watch it!