Friday, November 20, 2015

5 Tips to Get the Perfect Bird

No one wants this to happen to them on Thanksgiving day...
If you follow these five simple tips your Thanksgiving turkey should turn out perfect!
1. Use the roasting rack
Most people use their roasting pan to cook their turkey in the oven. Before you throw your turkey in the oven you'll need to make sure you've got your pan ready. Don't make a rookie mistake by leaving the roasting rack out of  your roaster pan. You want to make sure that your turkey isn't laying flat on the bottom of the pan. If it does it could lead to overcooked, dry meat or worse burnt.
2. Thaw Out.
Most people don't realize that it takes a frozen turkey four days of being in the refrigerator to thaw out completely on the inside. So that means by Monday you need to move your turkey from the freezer into the refrigerator. It's said that a turkey can thaw 4 pounds a day while it's in the fridge... so do the math and make sure you give your bird enough time to thaw out. The last thing you want is a still frozen turkey when it comes time to start preparing it.
3. Stuff it!
Most tables have a bowl of stuffing for you to fill up your plate. Don't forget that the majority of your stuffing needs to be inside your turkey. Stuffing your turkey helps the juice stay inside of the bird and in the meat. It adds flavor to the turkey and helps hold the heat within and cook the inside. In our families stuffing we use apples, celery, and a stuffing mix with no high fructose corn syrup.
4. Baste your bird!
Juice runs off and out of your turkey during it's oven time. If you use a basting spoon or turkey baster you can suck those juices up from the bottom of your pan and squeeze/pour them all over your bird again. It will help keep the meat nice and juicy! Due this every time you uncover your turkey to check it's progress.
5. Brown it at last!
Browning is crucial in getting the perfect turkey. Once you know your turkey is done on the inside it's time to finish it up on the outside. You'll need to uncover your turkey and expose the skin to the heat. You'll also want to lower the temperature for the remaining time on your timer. Keep an eye on your turkey during the browning time. You wouldn't want your skin burned after making the perfect turkey on the inside.
Don't be shy! Show of this year's Thanksgiving turkey with the hashtag #myturkeybird


Chrissy said...

Mmh, this post makes me want my turkey right now! Cannot wait! Great tips! Happy Friday xxx

Rae said...

Dress your turkey in cheesecloth! Saves basting time. Just soak your cheesecloth in the brine (if you brined your turkey) or rub butter or olive oil and herbs on the turkey, and cover him up!

Oh the rack reminder... so many people forget!

Penny @ Penny's Passion said...

Love your opening picture. Every year I'm fearful that's what will happen when I cut the bird.