Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wedding Wednesday


We are now only 39 away from our wedding day! I can't believe we are just a little over a month away from the big day. We've been planning for a year now and it's finally coming! My list of things to do slowly gets smaller and smaller (thank goodness)! This past week I was able to get the following crossed off my list...

Had my first dress fitting
Purchased the flower girl basket
Purchased the ring bearer pillow
Started the wedding programs
Finalized our ceremony with the officiant
Purchased the rest of the place card paper
Booked our rehearsal luncheon

Did anyone notice that I said rehearsal luncheon? Yep. We are not doing the traditional rehearsal dinner but a rehearsal luncheon. Our venue is booked out and they focus on only one event per day. On the day before our wedding day, they have a corporate event taking place that evening so our rehearsal must be held and completed before 1:00p.m. Currently we are scheduled for Noon but if the company that has the event that night requests more time and pays for it then we might be having our rehearsal at 9:00a.m. so we decided since we are tentatively scheduled right now for noon that we would go with a rehearsal lunch afterwards!  People who are in my wedding party don't even know where we are going yet but hopefully, we think it's going to be super fun and lighthearted.
This weekend is my Bridal Shower. I have no idea what to expect regarding the cake, theme or decorations. I also have no idea what I'm wearing. On the same morning, I'm also participating in my wedding photographer's bride boudoir session. I've got everything ready for it and hopefully the photos turn out great! I've lost 23 pounds since our engagement photos were taken in February so I'm thinking I'll look a little thinner in the photographs.
Next week I've got to pay off our cake, start making to calls to the people who haven't RSVP'd, finish the wedding programs and contact our venue regarding some changes we'd like to make to our layout and set up. I also need to schedule our final DJ consultation! I've got the paper work but haven't worked out a time for us to phone it in. I also need to purchase our wedding venue insurance since my horrible insurance company ended up not being able to get me the certificate for free (like they promised for months).


stylebymash said...

The wait seems to be very exciting :) But pretty sure so much to work on! Congrats :)

Mash |

stylebymash said...

Congrats! Pretty sure there is so much to do with all the wedding preps! Make sure you enjoy the process throughout!

Mash |

Karin Rambo said...

How fun! I remember planning our wedding. It was fun but also exhausting!

Ginger Marie said...

How exciting! Weddings are so much fun. I would definitely say get that insurance though, because you do NOT want to be held responsible for your drunk uncle! haha

Jessica Hughes said...

OMG congrats!! Are you so so excited about it? I promise it will be a blast!