Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wedding Wednesday

We only have 25 days until our wedding! It's crazy to think that over a year of planning is finally get down into these last few weeks! Since our wedding is occurring during the holiday season we have a lot to finish before Thanksgiving and then before our actual day. Being so close to our wedding date and still a few weeks out our vendors are scheduling final appointments and expecting final payments. This past week I tackled the following things and finished them:

Finished the programs
Paid the Cake off
Ordered the Bridesmaids gifts
Ordered our guest sign in photo book
Scheduled our final venue appointment
Scheduled our final DJ appointment
Finalized our linens with the venue
Received our cake topper
Received our tote bags
Did our final appointment with the videographer
This week I need to finish our place cards. I need to reach out to our florist (who is super hard to get a hold of but a genius) to confirm the final order and send her the final payment. I need to get ahold of a few stragglers and ask them if they are coming or not because we never received their RSVP cards. I need to order the flower girl/ring bearer gifts. I need to buy two sharpies for people to sign our guest book and special items we will have planned. I also have to make sure three vendors get their final payments! Oh and meet with our photographer to go over our final shot list. I think I should be able to get all of these done in or around Thanksgiving. Let's cross our fingers!


Alexandra S said...

Yay, best of luck on finishing everything off! My husband and I were running around the day before ours haha Hope you can relax a bit instead!

Unknown said...

Very exciting! Good luck with everything!

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

We didn't do a big wedding and I so look forward to your wedding updates! LOL Sounds like yall have it all under control!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

So stinking excited for you two. Thanksgiving in next week!!! Don't stress out but have fun doing all of this! :) Your winter wedding will be terrific!