Thursday, May 19, 2016

2 Movies For Tonight

Looking for something to watch tonight? Maybe you don't have time for tonight but you'll need something for the weekend.Well look no further because here's two movies that are worthy of watching. The first movie is family friendly but the second is adults only!
The first movie... Max.

Max isn't just a dog, he's a hero. Max is one of the hundreds of dogs being used by the armed forces in our hunt for rooting out terrorists. Max and his owner/trainer U.S. Marine Kyle Wincott are on a mission in Afghanistan. While on mission their squad is questioned about missing arms that were seized. Once the questioning is over they head out on a mission. During the mission they become pinned down in a fire fight and Kyle is shot a killed. Max is shipped back to the U.S. and seems to have lost his purpose. The United States Marines bring Max to Kyle's family and ask if they want to take him in because they have found Max unfit for duty since losing his handler has caused him PTSD and he's become unresponsive to commands.
Kyle's younger brother, Justin is the only person in the family Max will respond to. Justin who is a troubled teenager doesn't really want to take care of the dog but decides since it was his brothers he should. When one of Kyle's fellow Marine's, Tyler shows up having just got out of the service, Max becomes violent towards Tyler. Tyler explains to Ray (Kyle's father) that it was Max's misbehavior that got their son killed. Ray is immediately put off by the dog and when a sheriff shows up later saying Max took a bite out of him he's ok to put the dog down. Justin though knows that something is wrong because he's been fishing out the real answers on why Tyler is back from the Marines.
Will Max be put down or will he show why he's a real hero. Watch and find out!

The second movie... The Edge.

Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) is a billionaire married to a fashion model, Mickey (Elle Macpherson). Along with some of Charles' entourage they head to a remote part of Alaska for a photo shoot. Charles is given a book as a gift by an employee and begins reading the book on wilderness survival. Charles and  his group are the only people staying at the Alaskan lodge for the photo shoot being led by Bob (Alec Baldwin).
When a male model gets sick, Bob, another worker and Charles head out in a floater plane to go in search of a local man that can fit into the photo shoot. When the plane hits a flock of birds and has to crash land in the Alaskan wild, Charles will rely on his newly learned wilderness skills from the book he's just read. What the book couldn't teach Charles is how to survive against Bob who's been fooling around with Mickey and wants to get rid of Charles. The men will have to work together if their going to survive until help can get to them.


Unknown said...

I don't think I'll be able to watch Max if he dies. I don't like seeing dogs die in movies :(

Anonymous said...

I've seen ads for Max, but I just don't think I can do another heartbreaking dog movie! Have you seen Drumline? It's excellent! That was our date night movie last weekend :)