Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5 Belt Bags for Summer Vacation

I was born in the 1980s and when my family would go on a summer vacation, guess what was on my hip? A fanny pack! Who wants to carry around a big purse when their walking through a theme park or on an African Safari? No one! So when fanny packs came back in style I was ecstatic to see them in stores again. Now their being called belt bags and I'm ok with that because their all one and the same.

I've got a hot pink one in my suitcase ready for my upcoming vacation. If you're going on a trip this summer then here's five belt bags that you could rock while eating and drinking with your hands.

1.Rebecca Minkoff 'Wendy' Belt Bag.  

found here.
2. Avenue Dee Melon Fanny Pack.

found here.
3. Balenciaga Papier Zip Around Belt Bag.
found here.
4. SoJourner Silver Fanny Pack.

found here.
5. Victoria's Secret PINK Fanny Pack.
found here.


Unknown said...

I love the Rebecca Minkoff the best!!

Anonymous said...

We call them bumbags in Australia and I've still got a few of them.