Monday, May 16, 2016

8 Hours to Vegas

Last Wednesday, I was scrolling through my feed on instagram and saw Triple G (the boxer) announce that he was going to be at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Friday at the Field of Dreams store meeting and greeting fans. I instantly thought, "Oh that would be so cool to meet him!" I'm a huge GGG fan and so is my husband. He is the knockout king of boxing and he's always very entertaining in his interviews. Well, I finished scrolling through my feed and went back to work but I had told my husband about it. Flash forward to Thursday afternoon and I get a call from my husband asking me if I can get Friday off work because we're going to Las Vegas.

By 4:00 a.m. on Friday morning we were up and getting ready to get in the car. Since it was such a last minute trip we couldn't fly but we could drive. So we got in the car and headed to Las Vegas. We made really good time and rolled into town by 1:30 p.m. We checked into our hotel, MGM Grand and immediately got down to Caesars Palace to see if there was already a line forming because GGG was starting at 5:30 p.m. There wasn't a line so we went to Planet Hollywood to grab something to eat. Then once we were done eating we got in line and were only the 3rd people in line.

GGG showed up and we got to meet him! I was so excited I even asked him for a hug! Which of course he was generous and gave me. I think he was surprised someone was like Can I have a hug?
I then of course tweeted, instagramed and facebooked the photos. Well of course we couldn't drive all the way to Vegas for just a 15 minute meeting so we stayed in town for the Canelo vs Khan fight the next day. I'm not a Khan fan so I was rooting for Canelo to win. We also hit up one of my favorite things on the strip... M&M World. 

The fight took place at the new T-Mobile Arena located behind the NYNY hotel and Monte Carlo. This is the first fight to take place there since it's opening. Outside the arena they had all of the fight gear up in their courtyard.

The night of the fight we were sitting up top but still had a good view of the fight. I had never seen someone knocked out so hard like that in person before. I thought he was dead for a few minutes that's how long he laid on the carpet. It was a really good fight and I can't wait for the next match up which is suppose to be GGG. Clearly we all know who I'll be rooting for in that match up.

The next day after the fight we had to get up and drive back to Sacramento. We were once again blessed by the traffic Gods and made it back in good time. It was a fun little road trip for us and we were able to meet our favorite boxer!