Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Shows Worthy of Watching

Summer television can mean non stop repeats and the return of outplayed reality TV game shows. Thankfully this summer we've found a few shows that have kept us highly entertained. While I'm still bitter about my shows that have been cancelled, I'm taking a gamble and watching these shows. Now I'm hoping they don't get cancelled.

This is a Showtime show and it's really interesting and entertaining. The show focuses on Axle who owns a stock exchange. He was the only surviving partner of a huge firm after 9/11 and he's making a huge fortune. We aren't talking millions we are talking Billions of dollars. When the U.S. Attorney gets wind that he might be making some of his money illegal he begins to take an interest in Axle.
Even with my limited knowledge of the stock market, insider trading, the FCC etc, the show is really good. I've watched the first episode so far and I really like it. The cast is full with veteran actors that add to the show.

Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom is the new show on TNT. It follows this California family who's lead by their mother, Smurf. When Jay her grandson comes to live with them after his mother (Smurf's daughter) dies of an overdose the house goes a little crazy. The boys in the family are not excited to have someone new in their household and rightfully so. This isn't your ordinary family. They live a life of crime and keep it all in the family. Smurf is all about family and she wants to include young Jay in their dealings. The other sons don't know if they can trust him so everyone is looking over their shoulder.

I personally think this show is very good. I love Ellen Barkin who plays Smurf and she plays the role perfectly. The family dynamic is entertaining and interesting. They are crazy! So you never really know what to expect from them.

O.J. Made In America
The bronco chase happened literally on my 10th Birthday. I can remember my grandma sitting in our living room in our pink chair watching the chase with my mom and I. I have always been fascinated with this case and the fact that he was found innocent. This documentary takes us from O.J.'s beginnings, through his first marriage, his marriage to Nicole, the trial and the years after. It ends focusing on the reason why he's behind bars today. The documentary is broken into 5 parts and lasts 10 hours total.

I thought it was done extremely well and doesn't let the fact that two people lost their lives get lost in the story.

What are you watching this summer?