Thursday, June 9, 2016

Two Movies for Tonight

Looking for something to watch tonight? Maybe you have a long weekend? Well have no fear! Here's two movies that are worthy of your time. These two movies are very different but equally good to watch. Sit back, relax and watch these two movies.

The first movie... Get Hard.
Hedge Fund Manager James King (Ferrell) is in the prime of his career and personal life. He's engaged Alyssa to be married and living the multi-million dollar lifestyle. When Alyssa throws them an engagement party with his soon to be father in law/boss in attendance it all takes a turn for the worse. The FBI comes in and arrest James for fraud and embezzlement. James swears up and down that he's innocent and is sure justice will find the truth. A trial takes place and he's found guilty even though he continues to preach his innocence. Now facing a serious prison term and his fiancé dumping him James must get ready for the prison life.
That's when Darrell (Kevin Hart) comes into his life. Darrell just wants enough money to send his daughter to a better school outside of their neighborhood. So when James asks him if he can teach him how to get ready for prison life for cash then he agrees. There's only one small problem. Darrell has never been to prison. Darrell and James embark on a journey how to get James ready for prison and Darrell is just trying to get the money. When he realizes that James really might be telling the truth about his innocence he decides to really find out what's happened. Is James really guilty? Will Darrell's secret come out? Watch and find out!
You never know what you might get with a Will Ferrell movie. I randomly caught this movie on HBO and was pleasantly surprised how funny it was in parts. It's definitely worth watching for a laugh.
The second movie... Triple 9.
In the deep south of Atlanta, Georgia Michael (Chiwetel Ejoifor) and two of his criminal friends along with two corrupt cops rob a bank to retrieve a safety deposit box. When their almost caught the men agree to meet up a few days later. The box was retrieved for a Russian Mob Boss' wife who is hoping to get her husband out of prison. When Michael takes in the box to claim his group's reward money he's told by Irina (Kate Winslet) that the job isn't finished. They must complete a second job to earn their money.
Michael knows the second job is even harder than the first. He assembles the men and the two corrupt comes and explains the situation to them. They realize why he has to do the job and they go along with the second job and work on a plan to complete it. The two corrupt cops Marcus and Franco come up with a Triple 9 situation. A triple 9 is when an officer has been shot and killed in the line of duty. They believe that will draw all of the attention of the police force away from their second job which is highly risky. Now that they have their idea they need to figure out who they can sacrifice. It doesn't take long for Marcus to give up his new partner Chris (Casey Affleck). Marcus attempts to befriend him and let him believe he's really on his side and that they are the same kind of cop.
On the day of the second job will their plan and 999 work? Watch and find out.
While I wouldn't watch this movie again, I thought it was really good. It's just not the kind of movie I would sit around and watch over and over. It's very good and worth watching at least once.


Anonymous said...

999 sounds like a good movie, i must put it on my list.