Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Welcome to Palm Springs

The week before Thanksgiving, I ditched the 60 degree temperatures of Northern California and hit the road to Palm Springs. There I found myself in a heat wave of 90 degrees in the middle of November. My jeans felt sweltering and I quickly changed into shorts to walk around in their historical downtown. Knowing that Thanksgiving was just a few short days away it felt odd sitting pool side and lounging in my swim suit. But hey... someone has to do it.

This our first time to Palm Springs and it definitely has a different kind of vibe. It felt like traveling back in time but with tons of spas and restaurants. On this little mini getaway (Sunday-Tuesday) we spent some time by the pool, ate at three really unique restaurants and did the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. The restaurants that we ate at were Pinochio, Sherman's Deli & Bakery and Peaks. Pinochio's was a great place for brunch. Sherman's was a great lunch spot as you can see from the pastrami sandwich...

And then Peaks. Peaks is only available if you travel to the top of the Aerial Tramway. You can eat your meal at over 8,500 feet high in the sky. The wait is a little long but the view will keep you busy while you wait.

The Tramway was by far the most fun thing we did while we were in town. First you have to drive 2.5 miles up the mountain to reach the tram. Once you reach the tram you rise up to 8,500 feet above the desert sky.
The tram ride to the top takes about 15 minutes to complete. Once you step out of the tram you are rewarded with amazing views of Palm Springs and the surrounding areas.

Even though we were there for a short time we had a great time in Palm Springs. We may go back next year but you never know. We have so many places we want to go so places like this go back to the end of the line once we've visited them. I think if we were big into hiking then Palm Springs would have been the place to visit. For us it was just a fun place to go for a few days and relax and do something new.