Friday, February 9, 2018

What I'm Watching

There seems to be an abundance of great television shows out right now. Between finding time to watch the new ones, staying current on favorite shows and finishing series of ones ending it's hard sometimes to know what to really watch. Below are a few of the new shows out there, that are worth taking the time to watch. Here's three new shows that I think you should invest in...

Altered Carbon

You might recognize the lead actor in the new Netflix show, Altered Carbon. He was previously in a famous Netflix show called The Killing. I'm about 7 episodes in on his new show Altered Carbon and I'm really enjoying it. It has an original story line and it leaves you guessing. The story is set 300 years into the future, our society has developed new technology that makes death no longer something permanent. They've found a way to make bodies aka sleeves interchangeable. You can be plugged into anyone and keep living forever. When a very rich and powerful man is murdered but continues to live because of his backup data, he wants to know who and why. That's when he brings back a hired gun to find answers. However, the hired gun doesn't want to be brought back and he doesn't want to do anyone else's bidding.


I burned through season one on Netflix. Now I'm impatiently waiting for season two. I love all things true crime (probably because I majored in Criminal Justice) and real life stories brought to the screen. Set in the late 1970s, two FBI Agents go out in the field to research why serial killers behave the way that they do. They hope to find out the root of what causes people to commit these acts in the hopes of being able to predict movement and stop murders from happening. They follow real life cases that you can research and look up. Since a lot of the criminals and crimes they follow took place in California, they focused several episodes on people who are located near where I live today. It's very interesting to go and look up the real information and compare it to the show.

If you like true crime and shows like this one, then I highly recommend it!


I usually don't watch a lot of shows currently on cable television. I'm always scared their going to cancel them (which usually happens when I really like something). So when my husband started recording this show and we started watching it, I got nervous because I like it. 9-1-1 isn't like all of those other fire and cop shows out there (I'm looking at you Chicago series). This one takes a fresh approach on emergency situations. It shows how a 9-1-1 dispatcher can play a big part in emergencies. It shows how fire and police work together and it shows the personal lives of the men and women behind the uniform. This show is currently in it's first season on FOX and I'm really hoping it doesn't get the ax at the end of the spring. Give it a watch! It's worth an hour of your time.

Then there's he shows that I'm staying current on. These shows are in different seasons and I'm still loving them and I'm anxiously awaiting a few to return with a new season...
What are you watching? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know if there's a new show out there that I should be watching.


The Flynnigans said...

Omygosh, Altered Carbon has the guy from The Killing?! Sold. I gotta look that up tonight. I really like some him in the killing, in fact I was sad that ended so abruptly and was cancelled.
I also loved Mindhunter and am anxiously awaiting for them to post season two.
Bosch has looked interesting, that’s based on the the character from a novel, it’s not Ludlum is it? I’m totally pulling a blank.

Thanks for the Altered Carbon rec. :)