Wednesday, March 3, 2010

If I Were...

I've been seeing this on a ton of blogs so I decided to join in.
If I were a month, I would be... June. It's my birthday month and it's truly the summer.
If I were a day of the week, I would be Wednesday. As odd as it may sound, I always know I'll be off work that day.
If I were a time of day, I would be 8:00pm. That's when the good tv shows start. 
If I were a planet, I would be Pluto. It'll always be a planet to me.
If I were a sea animal, I would be a sea turtle. I'm obsessed with them. I also look for them at aquariums.
If I were a direction, I would be South. I'm all about the warm weather. 
If I were a piece of furniture, I would be a comfy couch. 
If I were a liquid, I would be sprite zero. I'm addicted to that stuff. 
If I were a gemstone, I would be an emerald. I love them. 
If I were a tree, I would be a cherry blossom tree. I've seen them bloom and they are breathtaking.  
If I were a tool, I would be a wrench. They always come in handy.
If I were a flower, I would be a peony. Peonies are my favorite flower. 
If I were a kind of weather, I would be the hot blistering sun. Can you tell I'm tired of the winter?
If I were a musical instrument, I would be a clarinet. I totally rocked that back in the day.
If I were a color, I would be green. It's one of my faves. 
If I were an emotion, I would be happy. I like being happy. 
If I were a fruit, I would be a strawberry. It's the only fruit I actually like. 
If I were a sound, I would be laughter. I love to laugh and hear people laugh.
If I were an element, I would wind. I always think of car trips and the wind in my hair. 
If I were a car, I would be a black range rover. Ohhhh how I want one.
If I were a food, I would be a french fry or chicken strip. Yum
If I were a place, I would be London. That city is amazing and I love it there.
If I were a material, I would be silk. It's so smooth.
If I were a taste, I would be like coconut. 
If I were a scent, I would be like my car freshener which is currently black cherry.
If I were an object, I would be a remote. 
If I were a body part, I would be a nose. 
If I were a facial expression, I would be a smile. Smiles are good!
If I were a song, I would be anything but "On the wings of love". I would be U2's With or Without You.
If I were a pair of shoes, I would be sperry shoes. I love them! I want a new pair for the summer!


Anonymous said...

I love reading everyone's answers to this!

Allison said...

When I was in Florida we went to the Planetarium and I found out why Pluto was demoted. It has a very irregular rotation and there are several objects in our solar system that are similar size and have similar rotation but we call them comets. And that is why Pluto was demoted.

And I can't believe you only like strawberries!?! Fruit is, like, the most amazing food group ever! Have you met a blueberry? Or a banana? Or, omg, mango? Seriously, there have been times I'd rather eat a mango than have sex. They're that good. I'm shocked you don't like fruit.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I might do it to! Love your answers!

Justine said...

So fun! :) These things always make me giggle :)

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

This is so fun! Totally stealing it! And yay for June Bdays! I'm the 6th, when's yours?? It's by far the best month of the year, summer is finally here but the sticky heat and humidity of July hasn't kicked in yet.

Dollface said...

This is the first I have seen - but really fun, thanks! have you entered my giveaway?? xxxoo

Anonymous said...

I would love a black Range Rover too... sigh.

Katie said...

Range Rover sounds nice!! If I were a liquid I would be kool-aid haha

Kristen said...

Love this post... love reading more about my bloggie friends!!

rena said...

this is really cute and i think i might fill it out too, give me a change from the ol' work thing. i would also be a sea turtle! :)

Karren said...

First time I've seen this.. it looks fun! & I love your answer! :)

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Great one!!!!
Yay for June!!! :) ;)


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! Going to steel it! ;OP

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

I love that you said anything but "on the wings of love" and any bach fan would agree!

Bridget said...

Love this! I will have to do it also. My birthday month is June too!! I love June.