Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: Day 6

Six Places. I love to travel. A ton of my blog posts have been about travel. If you know me, you know I live to travel. Narrowing down to 6 places is hard!

London, England. I loved it there. I did a study abroad trip there in college. Once I was done with college,I went back over again once I was done with school. I love it there so much that if someone gave me a work permit I'd move there in a heartbeat.
What's not to love about it? It feels super safe, the people are friendly, the sights are amazing and you're walking around where so much history has occurred. Man this makes me want to go back!
Sydney, Australia. I have yet to get there. I want to see the Opera House. I want to hold a Khola bear. I want to ride around in the outback and take tons of photos in the red clay and pretend I'm an outdoor enthusiast. I want to try it all!
Los Angeles, California. Have you been there? I have and let me tell you. You will never be bored in LA. There's a 1,001 things to do and see there. Plus it's crawling with celebrities. You show up and the right place and the right time and guess what... you'll spot one. The weather is great year round.
Hawaii. I have friends that live there. I know people who have vacationed there, yet I've never been there. I have a feeling, I'll be getting there in the next year though. The views are to die for. The weather is amazing and there's so much to do on the tiny islands. Hello... who doesn't want to swim with a sea turtle?! Their my favorite sea creatures! Sign me up.
New York City, New York. Can you believe I've never made it to NYC? I know, I'm shocked too. They've got great vintage stores, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway. The list could go on forever. I thought I was going to go there this Christmas season but we couldn't get the travel plans all laid out in time. Maybe soon!  
Italy. They've got the Colosium. They've got the Leaning Tower of Pisa. They've got the wine country and they've got style. I have yet to get there, but I'm telling you from the travel book I bought a few weeks ago on it, I must get there and soon. Beautiful and Romantic. Check please!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I want to go to ALL these places!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

These are all wonderful cities...I want to go to Hawaii, LA, Australia and las Vegas too!!

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

Italy is on my list too! Although all these places are gorgeous.

Sara Cate said...

You must go to Italy. That photo of the Trevi Fountain in beautiful, but it is even more beautiful in real life!

Unknown said...

Hawaii for a honeymoon? haha! ok, but seriously I just have one thing to say "I want to go to there" And the second thing to say...we've been looking at going to Australia in April, I hope it happens.

shopgirl said...

I've been to all of these places and I totally agree with you. My favourite places are Hawaii and New York. If someone offered me a job in either place, I would definitely go and take my husband with me too!

Have a great weekend girl!