Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social
1. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
2. What is your favorite smell?
On Guys
For Me
3. What is your favorite TV commercial? (Past or present)
I always love the Christmas Hershey Kisses one where the kisses are the bells.

4. What is your favorite day of the week?
My Friday which is Saturday

5. What is your favorite way to waste time?
Playing games on my phone, checking out twitter, etc. 

6. What is your favorite article of clothing?
Sweatpants. I lounge around in them the moment I get in the door.


Jax said...

I love the hersheys commercial!! And I also love that Folgers commercial where the guy comes home from war and his sister puts a bow on him! :) Cute cute! Also.. thanks for the tweet about the card! YAY! I am SO bad with Twitter. It's quite embarrassing. I tweet and then I just drop off the site for like 10 days.. haha.. Sheez. Merry Merry Christmas, friend! Love from Tulsa. :)

Unknown said...

I like that commercial where the kisses are the bells. I totally waste time on twitter when I'm bored.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Mmm Ben and Jerry's. My fav is Half Baked.