Thursday, February 14, 2013

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... It's Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is, Striking Distance.
Bruce Willis stars as Pittsburgh Detective Tom Hardy. When Tom's dad, a fellow police officer is killed during the investigation of lady killer, Tom loses more than he realizes. Not only does he lose his dad, he loses the respect of his fellow officers when he goes against the force and speaks his mind about the person they have in custody. Tom believes that they've got the wrong man. The force believes that he's off his rocker and that the death of his dad has clouded his vision about the case. What's worse is that the police force isn't only his co-workers but most of them are his relatives. 

A year later, Tom's life has completely changed. He's no longer working on the police force but working on the river rescue team. He hasn't had any contact with his family and his drinking habits haven't improved much. Now he's being assigned a new partner named Jo, who turns out to be a woman (Sarah Jessica Parker).

When women start turning up dead and being found in the river. Tom believes that the real killer is back to his old ways. This time around no one believes him and he's having to do all of the work on his own to track down the psycho who's killing women he knew and leaving the bodies for him to find. Jo might be his only salvation in all of it. If he can get past the fact that he's not working by himself anymore. 

In my opinion this is one of Bruce Willis' best movies. Sarah Jessica Parker was lesser known at the time and does a great job as well. Check this one out! It's got a good twist! And besides, what says Happy Valentines Day better than crime, killings and cop drama?!?


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Would you believe I've never seen a single Die Hard movie?

Stephanie said...

I can admit it, I pretty much love all thingns Bruce :)

Eatlovemerry said...

Lovely blog! x