Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday


This will be the one and only time I ever talk about a Kardashian on here. Ever. I completely think and believe that Kim got the cover of Vogue because of Kayne West. Sure sure, Anna Wintour said that it was Vogue's idea but here's my thoughts. Kayne and Anna have built up a rapport over the last few years. He has his fashion and his sneaker line and Anna Wintour is usually about what sells and fashion. When they had their baby I'm sure Kim desperately wanted to on the cover. She wanted her own cover on there and to have that kid wrapped in Vogue airbrushing, vogue clothing etc. She wants the world to love her. So when she didn't get it I'm sure she amped up her campaign to Kayne about how she'd love to be on there. Well I'm sure I'd cave after months and months of a "friend" talking to me about his fiancĂ©. So I'm sure it was allllll Anna's idea. Uh huh.


I finished the entire series of Game of Thrones just in time for the next season to begin. I have to tell you without spoiling anything that I'm completely shocked and grossed out by usually half the things that go on in each episode but it's pretty entertaining! Season 4 here we come!

3. Last weekend Northern California was having 80 degree weather. It was sunny, warm and so nice out. This weekend it's raining, cloudy... twisters are being spotted and it was 63 degrees. Um not good Mr. Weather man. Not good. I need the summer to be here now. I'd rather be sweating and pitting through my shirts than freezing cold.

4. I still can't decide what I want to do for my 30th Birthday this summer. My mom will be coming out here so I'm sure we'll do something fun. I've got Hawaii coming up in July and Vegas in September. I've also got some new business things going on so maybe I won't spend the money and do anything too crazy. I don't know... it's my 30th so I'd like to do something memorable. I guess I'll have to keep thinking. Right now I'm thinking Eagle Lake in CA, San Luis Obispo for the Madonna Inn and maybe Lake Tahoe.

5. I'm old enough to know, it's good to find someone you can do this with...

Happy Weekend!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Chick, just be happy it didn't SNOW last night. It snowed here, and then rained, and then in the morning everything was covered in ice. Horrible.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Sadly yes, northern California had some rain going on this week and all...but hey, it'll be warm soon enough. :)

Madonna Inn! YES!

lil desiqua said...

I really just think that Kim still just wants to be relevant, and she's totally not anymore. Pretty sure most of us are over her, and her family in general. I know I am. As for turning 30, I did a birthday dinner and show and though it was fun, it was also a little stressful. Good luck planning it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready for summer yet!!! That would mean the time is flying by all too quickly!

And I want to read a post on how you met mister beezy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Considering Anna categorically declared Kardashians would never grace her cover, there's a rumour going round that he paid for it.