Monday, March 17, 2014

Get In My Belly

Before I left for Puerto Rico I had three fears.

1. The water.
2. Getting kidnapped and finding myself holding a newspaper in a polaroid.
3. The food.
I drank bottled water or filtered water the entire trip. Puerto Rico is also a U.S. Territory so I'm sure that helps out with the fact that the water was clean. I also didn't find myself with a bag over my head, counting my fingers a toes while smiling for a polaroid ransom note. Now... the food. That was in all honesty my biggest fear. I'm a very picky eater. I'm not a fan of spicy food because it tends to upset my stomach. I can also get a very wicked case of heartburn and since I've only had that a few times in my life, I do not wish to repeat it. I was so nervous about the food, I thought about pulling a Charlotte from SATC and packing pudding in my suitcase. BUT I didn't. I braved it and ate the food. And it was gooooooooood.
First up, Caficultura.
We ate there twice for breakfast. The food was really good and worth the wait. Each morning the place was packed out. It's also a place that's close for people stopping on cruise ship excursions. You can sit inside or outside but we chose the inside because it was the first seating available and air conditioning. I can never eat while I'm sweating.
The café offered a good selection of food and drinks and in the coffee they had designs that changed with each drink.
Here's the spinach wrap and the turkey/cheese croissant...

Next up we got pizza from Pirilo Pizza Rustica!
It was amazing! We had to wait forever because the place was packed. I'm talking so packed people were standing on the sidewalk outside. We were determined to eat here because we looked for this place for an entire hour.
We also ate at Oceano by the beach. It was just ok. The place was nice, the setting was beautiful but the food was way over priced. If you don't mind spending 28.00 on a small portion of chicken then this is your place! The best food I tasted while in San Juan was actually next door to Oceano. We found it by chance and it was a great place for lunch on the beach. It was the Atlantic Beach Bar that's attached to the Atlantic Beach Hotel on Condado beach.
This is how close you eat to the beach...
I only had one bad food experience in PR. It was in Old San Juan. It was at Sofia's Kitchen. We hadn't read anything about this restaurant. We were hungry, walking around and couldn't find our first choice for food. We saw their menu outside and thought that it looked good. The restaurant itself is clean and nicely decorated. However, the food was awful. The meat was freezing cold. The service wasn't that great either. I would avoid it at all costs. The dinner menu wasn't good and it wasn't worth it. I went got a meal after leaving this place that's how bad it was.


Anonymous said...

Yummm! Sounds like great places! And those photos....drool worthy! :-)