Thursday, July 3, 2014

Theater Thursday

It's Theater Thursday and in honor of our nations Birthday weekend, this week's featured movie is a classic...
Independence Day hit the big screen on July 2, 1996 and was highly anticipated. So much so that the theaters had originally planned on starting showing on July 3rd but started the night before due to high demand. It ended up doing over 816 million dollars in the theater! That's not even including what it made when it come out for home viewing.
Independence Day stars Bill Paxton as the President. It's July 4th weekend and America is gearing up for another weekend of celebrating the nation's Birthday. What no one expected was waking up to some surprise visitors to help celebrate. World wide space ships came in and become hovering over cities. Space ships the size of down town Los Angeles, NYC, Paris, London, etc. One question has been answered: Are there other things out there? But the real question is, Do they mean us harm?
Soon the world finds out the answer and has to begin fighting once again for their freedoms. In comes a fighter pilot played by Will Smith who will help keep America the land of the free. He's also helped out by computer genius, David (Jeff Goldblum). He's the one who realizes the aliens mean us harm which saves a lot of time.
There's a lot of smaller stories inside this movie and it's also became an American Classic movie. I know I watch it every year around this time of the year.
Happy Independence Day!


Julie Danielle said...

I love that movie. I was working in a movie theater when it came out and it was crazy! So many people went to go see it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE disaster flicks and this is on my list as I also LOVE Jeff Goldblum.

lil desiqua said...

I can't believe I STILL haven't seen this movie! Every year I say I'm gonna watch it and I forget!