Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Review

This weekend definitely had it's ups and downs. Let's start with the ups!

On Saturday, I spent the day attempting to Christmas shop. I have realized that I'm totally an online Christmas shopper. I was only able to find a few items in store. Amazon just kills stores on their prices. The same thing is SO much cheaper and with free shipping. I ended up with way more stuff for myself than I did for other people. Which isn't what should happen when you are going Christmas shopping. The items that I got for myself? Well I got this little beauty from Beezy as an early Christmas present...
Remember the nutcrackers that I was obsessed with buying the last two years? Well guess what... Cost World Market came out with a new set for this Christmas season. Instead of chasing them all over town before they start to sell out, I went ahead and bought the entire set. Yep. Sure did. Judge away. But guess what, I'm happy!
Now for the bad. My finger nails have taken a beating over the last few years. My last job which was with government required that I wear disposable gloves a lot. Have you ever had your hand in a glove like that for hours of the day? No. Well guess what they'll kill your nails. So I would never get them done. I didn't see the point in basically wasting money on doing my nails. They wouldn't been seen half the day, they'd get tore up and basically be a waste of my hard earned money. So after years of not getting them done, I went to a nail place to get them done. I went in wanting a gel manicure on a full set of nails. My real nails are too short and uneven. She placed my hands on the table where I couldn't really see them because they hung in her direction. She did one hand and I was like OH MY!
She literally didn't file them down even. She put gel on them. On my real nail and didn't even do a good job painting them. Take a look for yourself...
HORRIBLE! I wanted to cry! I tried to explain to her that I needed a nail placed on my nail. She wasn't understanding at all. There was a language barrier and it wasn't working out. So I left. Now I've got to wait till this gel starts to wear off and then I can go get it done at a DIFFERENT place. So the poor girl at Top Nail who couldn't even paint each nail all the way, thank you. Seriously, I could have done a better job painting my own nails with one eye shut and using my left hand to paint.
Other than that... my weekend was pretty good!
Oh! I ate at PF Changs for the first time and it was SO good!


Jax said...

Wait just a minute... You've never eaten at PF Changs?! Holy crazy! ha! I love me some Chang's spicy chicken! Gosh I want some now. And get the shangai cucumbers for an appetizer next time. They're cheap and light and awesome. And your nails are pretty in that color, but I'm sorry you had such an issue. :( Glad they're growing and will be pretty in no time! And um.. That bag? A.mazing! That color and shape?! Awesome. I, too, only shop online for Christmas. I mean... It's not really a goal, but it just works out that way. Stocking stuff I can get in store b/c it's mostly random and unplanned but for the big items, it's just cheaper online. And less hassle. I like to support local so I'll go do that when I can, but otherwise...nope.

lil desiqua said...

Wow that purse is gorgeous! Love the color! I think I would have made the woman redo my nails or give me my money back- you didn't get the service you paid for!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I love gel manicures because they always use it on my nails. I hate fake nails. Yes, hate. Sorry. :( However, she should have cleaned, and trimmed or filed down your nails beforehand. That was not at all professional of her. And you explaining to her what you wanted meant she didn't know her so-called profession. Sad. :( I usually take my own gel nails off. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Yet, your nails are too short, so I would not suggest that. Love the color but yeah, she did a bad job doing her job. :(
Try another place and see how they do that. I went to noble nails and they did a great job on mine last time I went. Maybe I was lucky. lol

LOVE the bag!!! And the color. :) LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

The colour of the bag is nice.

I hate having to run around looking for stuff too, problem is, here in aus not everything is available on store websites and it's shitty because it means running around to another store or going without because you can't get it. And I hate not getting something I want.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'll tell you a secret I haven't told anyone. I hated my manicure that I got for my wedding. I went to this really nice salon and the girl was SO nice. But when I left I realized that my nails weren't perfectly shaped (and for $40 they should have been perfect) and two days later they were chipping. I could have done a better job myself. It was really disappointing. I feel your pain.