Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Buying and Selling

A little over a week ago, we decided on a whim to go look at a house that Beezy found online and our realtor (who I've remained in contact with since I bought my house) said let's go. We didn't know if it would be everything that it was from online and in the photos. It sounded and looked like it was but we didn't want to get our hopes up. Since November we have been toying with the idea of moving. You see... my street use to be super quiet. Then a house down the street became a rental property and every day since it got rented out we hear music pumping non stop. I'm talking music so loud we hear it 4 houses down on the opposite side of the street and across the intersection of a four way stop. Every. single. gang slur. and note in the music. We've called the non emergency number a handful of times. All they do is talk to them. We've looked up the owner of the house but it's in some kind of living trust. Needless to say, we are OVER it.

So when we went to look at this house that had just been built we were being cautiously optimistic. We wanted to like it but at the same time we didn't know if we were ready. So we get to the development and walked through the house. We loved the amount of space the house offered but we hated the kitchen counters and the cabinets. The builders had built the house with having any buyers so they completely finished it without a buyer selecting each fixture etc. The kitchen really did it for us and we were getting ready to leave with our hopes dashed. That's when their sales agent let us know that a house exactly like the one we had just walked through was in the middle of construction and hadn't had the kitchen completed yet. Our eyes and ears immediately perked up. She walked us the few doors down the new block and we walked through a house in mid construction. We actually loved this house!

That was on a Sunday. On Monday we made them an offer. Tuesday we had to list our house and by Friday we were having photos taken for the listing. Now we are surrounded in boxes (ok fine we aren't really surrounded because we've shoved them into one room but you get what I mean) and my house is on MLS. We are trying to time this whole thing to work out for when the new house will be completed with construction. We do not want to move twice. It's all going to depend on how fast we get a buyer and how fast they complete the house. We know that they will be done with the new house in April. Now it's just to see how long it takes to find a buyer for our current home. Since the two most comparable houses in the area sold within 2 and 5 days of going on the market it could get really crazy around here.

We are under contract and now we just have to get my house sold.
This house just has so much we really wanted and were looking for that we couldn't pass it up. And the best part we already have equity in the home because they raised their prices a few days after we went into contract!

I never feel comfortable until we are signed, sealed and delivered. So I will finally be able to relax once we close on the new house. Until then we have a long 7 weeks ahead. I feel like I'm kind of a pro at moving and packing since I did a cross country move. This time though, I feel like we are scrambling for boxes and packing paper and tape lol. I feel like the rug is going to ripped out from under us. Maybe it's just the hurry up and wait that's going on? Who knows but either way it's going to be an interesting Easter around these parts.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Oh this is exciting news. I can completely understand why you want to move. It's time. Also, funny thing, I believe B and I looked at a similar house if not the same a while back; they weren't complete but looked spacious. Glad you found one you liked/loved; so fingers crossed everything works out for you and you can move and not stress about it.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Hooray Congrats! I just bought a house too!! I am collecting boxes and doing all that too! Luckily I'm just moving from my moms to my own house so it's not a big deal on timing but my escrow closes on the 30th! EEK!!

The Flynnigans said...

The house is beautiful! Another thing to look forward to!

That's awesome!!! Congratulations :)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to take lots of pics so you can get lots of blog posts out of it. I want to see how you decorate.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Eek that is so exciting!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

This is awesome! Congrats! Love the front! I wish you luck and I hope everything goes along the way you need/want!

lil desiqua said...

That's so exciting! So happy for you that you found a house that you really love so fast! Good luck selling your current place- looks like you have a lot of prospects already!