Friday, June 12, 2015

Five On Friday

1. One of my bridesmaids is in town for two weeks and we went and got her dress for the wedding.

Now the only thing I need to do is pick out shoes and jewelry for them to all wear. I'm thinking silver shoes and large earrings. Thoughts? Any suggestions?

2. We've started to watch America's Got Talent. In all the years that it's been on television, I've only seen maybe 2 episodes. That was until this past week. We are all about the new season of AGT. I think Mel B is hilarious when it comes to singers and Howard loves the crazy stuff lol. So far, I thought this guy was hilarious for his comedy...

3. I got my nails done at a new place and they did a great job.
I thought they were a little snotty but they did such a good job, I think I would go back. The only thing I hate is that they are so busy you have to make an appointment to be seen.

4. Tesco has never done this before and in the last two weeks we've caught him numerous times trying to take water out of drinking cups.
We change his water daily and even give him ice to make sure he has cold water. You know what's embarrassing when guests come over? Having your cat come over to the table and try to drink your water. Tesco stop it!

5. I want to go on vacation so bad. No joke.
Hawaii last July


mypixieblog said...

Ring/nails look beautiful :) And I love the color of that bridesmaid dress. So pretty.

Le sigh. I love Hawaii. Would love to go back (or really, anywhere at this point, LOL) too.

The Flynnigans said...

Gorgeous sunrise!! I need a vacation so badly but sadly that won't happen til next year now, with the one of the dogs having surgery now.

Our other dog likes to drink water out of cups like your Tesco. :)

Cole said...

Your nails look great!! All your animal loving friends will understand about Tesco and probably be amused! Paisley taught herself to drink out of a straw (I use Tervis tumblers a lot).

Nicole P said...

Oh Hawaii, I miss it too! well vacation in general :P