Friday, July 3, 2015

A Celebration for the Rest of Us

Today we're going to talk about another holiday that is celebrated during the Christmas season. It's a new one that's been growing for about two decades now....

Festivus! It's the biggest holiday celebrated every year on December 23rd. It began it's rise in popularity due to a Seinfeld episode in 1997. Here is how the legend began...
Festivus has become a cult classic and is actually celebrated by many people now. I think it's a little funny and fun to celebrate. Here's the first two steps in celebrating this zany holiday.
Once you've got yourself a bare pole and you have left work the next step in Festivus is the Airing of grievances. That's another key part in the holiday. Anything that annoys you whether it be a television show, a person, a behavior, a food, etc... you can talk about it. Air it out. Get it out there! Air your grievance! Getting it out will make you feel better. That's one of the beautiful things about Festivus. You can get things off your chest.
Once you've told everyone your gripes and problems with them everyone sits down to a dinner together. Nothing like eating a healthy meal after telling someone that their new haircut gives you a migraine!
The final step of the night is the Feats of Strength. This step doesn't end until someone physically loses a strength challenge. Typically, it is to be the head of the household. In the original Seinfeld episode the Feats of Strength was to be a wrestling match between George's dad (the head of the house hold) and George. Until the head of the household is pinned down on the ground then the feats of strength isn't complete. Now since it's become such a celebrated holiday people are arm wrestling, thumb wrestling, playing beer pong and even board games during for their feat.
So as you end your night sitting on the head of the household, around the Festivus pole remember that the people you just cussed out will be the ones you give presents to 48 hours later.
And no one gets a gift during Festivas... a donation is made to the Human Fund in your name... aka they just pocket the money for themselves.
Happy Festivus!