Thursday, July 9, 2015

Top 10 Christmas Movies

Besides the Christmas trees and decorations, Christmas movies to me is one of the best parts about Christmas. The movies are usually uplifting, inspiring and of course revolve around the holiday. I haven't watched one Christmas movie that isn't uplifting. Now when it comes to Christmas movies, this is one of the biggest debates. How can you pick only 10 movies when there is so many out there.? Thanks to the Hallmark channel the number of Christmas movies has drastically increased in number. No matter what movies that are included or excluded not everyone will be happy because at least one of their favorites won't make every Top 10 list out there.

10. Miracle on 34th Street.
Nothing beats the original Miracle on 34th Street. When a man shows up saying his Kris Kringle is the new Santa Claus at the Macys store in New York City. When Doris (Maureen O'Hara) hires him to be in the parade he does so well that she sends him to the store. To her surprise Kris really believes he is Santa Claus. When people start hearing him say this they get concerned with his mental health and have him checked out. When he refuses to say that he's lying he is committed. People are so upset that Kris is in an institution they go to court to prove that he really is Santa.

With the help of Doris's friend Fred who is an attorney they take on the state of New York to prove it. In the meantime, Kris tries to prove to Doris' daughter Susan to have faith and believe there really is a Santa. Susan is a realist and doesn't believe in Santa at all. Can Kris prove to Susan and the world that Santa really does exists and that he is it? Watch the Christmas classic to find out.

9. Trading Places.
Winthorp Louis III (Dan Ackroyd) and Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) are two complete strangers. One day fate brings them together when Valentine bumps into Louis outside of his men's club. Since Valentine is poorly dressed and appears to be a bum, wealthy Louis thinks he's getting robbed. His bosses the Duke brothers, decide to bail out Valentine and wager a bet between them. Randolph Duke bets that he can take Valentine out of the poor house and turn him into a successful executive while at the same time taking Louis out of wealth and luxury and he will resort to crime. Mortimer Duke believes it can't happen and that the settings don't matter, he believes pedigree is in the blood.

When they shun Louis and ruin his life, they bring Valentine into wealth and show him what that world is like. While Valentine is becoming successful, Louis won't go down without a fight. He enlists the help of a prostitute Ofelia (Jamie Lee Curtis) to help him try and get his life back together. When Louis and Valentine come face to face the result is hilarious. All this takes place over the holiday season and Louis even plays Santa!

8. While You Were Sleeping.
Lucy (Sandra Bullock) is a single lady living in the windy city of Chicago is working her job on Christmas. Lucy works on the L as a toll booth worker. Every day at her job for the last year she's seen Peter, a man who comes through every morning on his way to work. As soon as she saw him she loved him. They've never spoken but she knows once they do it will be magic. On Christmas, unexpectedly Peter comes through the deserted train station. As she's kicking herself for not saying hello, Peter is getting mugged on the tracks. When the thieves are attacking him, Peter falls on to the tracks and becomes unconscious. Lucy sees him fall and runs to his aid and the attackers run away. However, his body is on the tracks and a train is coming down on them. As she pulls him from the tracks and gets him to the hospital, Peter is in a coma.

When Lucy can't go back to see him a nurse believes she is his fiancé and introduces him to his family as such. Lucy is shocked along with the family but she goes with it because she doesn't know how to tell them differently. His family is in complete shock but they hadn't seen him for awhile. As his coma continues Lucy gets to know his family while celebrating the holidays.

7. A Christmas Story.
Little Raphie wants nothing more than a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. His mom thinks their too dangerous but that's what he's wanting Santa to bring him. In fact everyone keeps telling him it's too dangerous to have including his teacher at school. When he visits Santa, Santa even tells him that, "you'll shoot your eye out kid!" While Ralph is working on getting his Red Ryder, his dad wins a major award but doesn't know what the prize is until it arrives. Once it makes it to the house, the dad is pleasantly surprised but the mom not so much! From their hilarious Christmas dinner, to Ralph having to eat soap this movie is sure to make you laugh.

6. Die Hard 1
What could be more Christmas than John McClane killing terrorists? In Die Hard 1, John goes to Los Angeles to visit his estranged wife. When he shows up at her work place, he finds a large office Christmas party taking place. His wife is one of the last people working and he's there to wait on her until they can go home. While he's waiting he hears gunfire and it turns out terrorist are there taking over the building. He will have to take on the terrorist one by one. They did put a damper on the Christmas party.

5. Die Hard 2
In Die Hard 2, John is in Washington D.C. visiting his in laws while a blizzard is covering the city. He heads to the airport to pick up his wife for Christmas. When he gets to the airport there is a buzz of commotion because of someone coming through. When the planes in the sky get attacked, it's John once again to the rescue. Will his marriage survive though?

That's movies 10-5. Tomorrow we will be rounding out the top 5 Christmas movies. Will your favorite be on the list? Come back to find out!


SWMNBN said...

I just love how much you love movies... hopefully soon-to-be hubby is a movie fanatic too!!

The Flynnigans said...

Well you know which one is my fave. ;) I'll look for that in your top 5 tomorrow.

hope you're well girl! xo

Anonymous said...

I think the only ones I've seen in full are the Die Hards.