Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Different Way To Celebrate

Happy 4th Of July!
We are celebrating this 4th of July during our Christmas in July festivities. We can all take the day to celebrate our independence and our love of America. Let's take a look at how you can incorporate Christmas and the 4th of July! What colors go best with July 4th? Red, White and Blue of course! July 4th can give you a chance to pull out of those Christmas trees and show off your love of America for this holiday. When friends and family come over they'll be shocked to see a Christmas tree but decorated for the 4th! Wow them with something fantastic.
This tree incorporates everything American except Apple pie! It's got the American flag, stars, colors and all kinds of sparkle. What makes it stand out even more is the fact that they put all of the vibrant colors on a white tree. That helps to amplify the sparkle and vibrant colors by creating a blank white canvas behind the decorations.
This patriotic tree also creates vibrant colors by using a white tree. This tree only needs blue and red decorations to shine. By using traditional blue bulbs and classic red poinsettias this tree can really shine for the fourth of July and during the Christmas season. The American flag is used as a tree topper and pulls the patriotic theme together. All it's missing is a great burlap tree shirt or even a decorative fabric with stars.
A green tree is used as the backdrop for this patriotic shiner. By having a green tree, you need to incorporate the color white. This tree does that by adding silver stars, silver/white poinsettias (along with traditional red ones) and added a white decorative skirt. Adding extra white with the lighting really helps make the glitter shine. The blue bulbs and star tree topper really help add to the colors and patriotic theme. This tree also incorporates ribbon to add more pops of color and really brings the decorations together. They even rounded out by wrapping their gifts in the color scheme.
These next two trees put a twist on Patriotic and rustic America.
Every tree doesn't have to be a full size Christmas tree. This pencil tree pulls of a rustic, American look by using a galvanized bucket as it's decorative base. The tin star adds rustic charm along with the flag folded into the base and smaller flags spaced around the tree. The wooden Americana ornaments also add the final touches of rustic.
This next tree, captures the rustic feel by using wooden ornaments, metal stars, and a checkered red ribbon as a garland. They've even added a strand of blue lights and a berry garland in parts of the tree.
These trees are some fine examples of how you can incorporate Christmas into your 4th of July celebration and show of your American spirit. They also give you extra ideas for trees that you can do at Christmas. These trees also do not require a large number of expensive ornaments so you can make one of these on a budget. You may not do it this year but just think of the possibilities for next year or this Christmas! Enjoy the 4th!


Unknown said...

Beautiful trees! The year my twins were home from the NICU, we had a tree decorated at every holiday to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

That is such an awesome idea! They all look great.