Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Reads of 2015

In 2015, I was realistic about my reading. I knew that planning a wedding and working a full time job would consume most of my time. In June, we had a major health scare happen and that halted even the constant wedding planning let alone my reading. I had a goal of reading 10 books in 2015 and I ended the year with eight books finished. I'm currently reading my ninth book. So enough though I had a crazy year I almost hit my goal of reading 10 books. Next year I hope to read 20 books if not more. I've got them all sitting and waiting. But before we dive into 2016, let's take a look back on all the books I read in 2015...

1. Jewel of the Nile.

2. Champion.

3. Stand Up Guy.

4. Cut and Thrust.

5. Paris Match.

6. Insatiable Appetites.

7. Grey.

8. Hot Pursuit.

9. Mrs. Jeffries Takes a Second Look.

I loved reading all of these books. I wasn't disappointed in any of them. To be honest I actually read more than 10 books, I technically read 13 but three books that I read were re-reads from books I had read in the past. I want to count only new books to my read count. Once I finish the Mrs. Jeffries book that I'm currently reading, I'll start next year's book count out with the new Stuart Woods book that I got for Christmas. He is by far my favorite author. I keep checking his calendar to see if he's coming anywhere near where I live for book signings!

Do you have any book suggestions? What have you been reading?


Unknown said...

I have a goal to read 27 books by my 27th birthday which is next December. Since starting this goal in November, I've finished 4/27.