Thursday, December 10, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! This week's featured holiday movie is... The Nine Lives of Christmas.

Zachary Stone (Brandon Routh) is a confirmed bachelor and fire fighter. When he's not fighting fires and saving lives he buys houses and lives in them while he renovates them to sell. When he keeps running into and meets Marilee White (Kimberly Sustad) by chance they hit it off over a cat. Zachary saves a cat named Ambrose from a dog trying to snap at him. He lets the cat into his house and starts to get attached however, his model girlfriend can't stand the cat. They take the cat into her dad's pet store and run into Marilee. Zach who's seen her around town strikes up a conversation about Amrbose and she encourages him to keep him.

Marilee is studying to be a veterinarian and loves animals. She's putting herself through school and working at the pet shop... that is until Blair (the store's owners daughter and Zach's girlfriend) gets her fired from her dad's store. When Zach finds out that she was fired he tries to do all he can to help her out. He helps her find a new place to live and they start hanging out a lot together. Their cats also seem to hit it off and spend all their time together.

Will Zachary be able to stay a confirmed bachelor? Will Marilee and her cat Queeny find a new place to live? What about Ambrose... will he not get to spend his days lounging with his new best friend Queeny? Watch this cute Christmas movie and see what happens.