Thursday, December 17, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! This week's featured holiday movie is, Love Actually.
Love Actually is set in the city of London during the Christmas season. It follows multiple people who are inter connected with each other as friends, family and acquaintances. Their story lines are different yet connected. One person living in London is the new Prime Minister (Hugh Grant), who has a lot he wants to accomplish in his new position. On his first day in office he meets his kitchen manager and is immediately smitten. This isn't good for him since he's new in office and her boss. Then you have Bill (Bill Nighy) who was once a super rock star but is now sorta a has been. His manager is trying to revive his career by having him record a new Christmas song based on one of his classic songs. Bill knows it's crap but he doesn't have any other choice.
All of the stories involved focus all about relationships and love. You've also got a newlywed couple and their single friend. You've got a man who's just lost his wife (Liam Neeson) and who've got a man who just found out he's been cheated on. All of these people are trying to get through the holiday season.
Then there's some single people who just want to find their true love. One even willing to travel across an ocean to look for her. All of these stories will warm your heart and they make you want to root for them. Watch this holiday hit and you'll feel that love actually is all around.


Alexandra S said...

I watch this movie EVERY year :) It's maybe not technically the best movie ever haha but it's so entertaining and I love the characters!