Thursday, December 3, 2015

Theater Thursday

It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is Jingle All The Way.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's holiday blockbuster hit the big screens in 1996. Howard (Schwarzenegger) is a successful business man who is overwhelmed during the holiday season. Trying to balance work and family he misses his son Jamie's karate demonstration. His wife Liz (Rita Wilson) understands that he's busy but also wants him to focus more on family definitely during the holidays. When Christmas Eve comes around Liz reminds Howard about the most important gift their son wanted... a Turboman doll.
When Howard realizes he never bought the doll weeks ago like he was suppose to, he must go out on Christmas Eve to find one. What he doesn't know is that TurboMan is the hottest selling item of the Christmas season. It's nearly impossible to find one and the masses are all trying to get one. When he hits his first Christmas store, he runs into a fellow dad and post office worker named Myron (Sinbad). While in line they hit it off on friendly talk but once the store doors open, they become enemies looking for the same toy.
As the day goes on, they both become more and more desperate to find the one item that will make their kids the happiest. They begin to really despise each other in their hunt for the doll. While Howard is out his wife and son begin to get restless with Christmas activities and begin to wonder when he's coming home. Howard not only has Marion to worry about he's got a neighbor named Ted (Phil Hartman) who's looking to move in on Liz.  
Who will find a Turboman doll? Watch and find out!