Wednesday, June 7, 2017

5 Reasons Why Katy Keene Slayed

When I was a kid, while my mom was at work I would sit and spend my time reading all about Katy Keene. In my eyes she was the coolest and had the life.

Her career was awesome. She was a high end fashion model. She was always wearing amazing fashions and getting paid for it. She never mentioned having to watch her weight so she was always happy to eat out and enjoy herself.
The travel. Being a high end fashion model, she would get sent around the world for photo shoots and fashion shows in exotic locations. Katy would spend time in Paris, London, on yachts, Egpyt and the list goes on. She went everywhere.
Her apartment. Katy shared her New York City Penthouse with her sister fondly called Sis. It was spacious, well decorated and had amazing views. She never mentioned rent so I’m thinking it was theirs for free! Maybe their parents left it to them. Either way they lived in a great location with tons of space and high in the sky.
The men were lining up. Katy never had to spend a night alone if she didn't want to. The men were lining up to date her. That even included celebrities! They always paired her with a guy who's name resembled Arnold Schwarzenegger and since he was the man in the 80s she had to have been just as cool.
There was other great things about Katy Keene besides her great apartment, fashions and exotic travels. She took care of her sister. Their parents had died and it was her responsibility and she took it very seriously. She also gave to charity and was independent. While she may have had all these men fawning all over her she was paying her own bills, taking care of herself.
Many people have tried to channel Katy Keene's style (cough cough Katy Perry) but Katy Keene can never be duplicated!
Was there any fictional cartoon that you looked up to as a kid?