Monday, June 5, 2017


Every now and then I check in on my statistics to this little place I call home on the world wide web. Last month, I saw a staggering number of people from Russia, Ukraine and Germany checking out my space here. I've been noticing for the last several months that more and more people from Russia are reading so I want to say a big hello to all my foreign readers. Maybe I'll finally visit your countries one of these days!

When I go on to check my statistics I do more than see where my readers are coming from. I also see what posts are popular reads and what key words are pulling people in. I thought I'd share the top five blog posts I've had all time and share some back stories to go with them.

1. Crossing Fingers
When I wrote this post, I was desperately trying to get on the travel team at work. I had applied and was in a grueling process of interviewing, testing and just playing the waiting game. I waited for probably seven months and then found out that I got passed over. What really upset me the most was at the time there was another person at my work applied just because I did. You know that type of person. Everyone has one of them in their life. Well they ended up getting it and didn't even really want it. I got stuck and they travelled all over on the department's dime. But I did appreciate everyone's good thoughts for me!

2. How I Could Have Almost Went to Jail

Back in 2011, I was cruising around in my Pontiac Grand Am Sport (Aka it had two doors but no spoiler and the front passenger seat was broken and would slide forward if I braked hard). One winter night during the holiday season, at the height of  the inflatable lawn ornament craze my best friend and I  decided to drive around and ended up at a Walmart. Well my strong hate for those inflatables kicked in when we eyed the BB Guns in an isle. You can only guess from there where the story goes...

3. An edition of, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

I have done several editions of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. The only reason I can figure out why this one might have been so popular was the television show that I talked about that got cancelled. Geez FOX aren't you kicking yourself now? I still wish that show had continued. I bet it could have had at least one People's Choice Award by now.

4. An edition of Theater Thursday

This is by far the most seen Theater Thursday. It was a Christmas Edition and a classic Christmas movie. I included fun facts and talked about the movie. I still watch this one every year during the holidays. Do you?

5. Dynasty

I have seen every episode of the show Dynasty. When I moved to California, my mom found out that the original house that was used during the opening of the show is located only a few hours away. I set out to tour it and found out at the time of the post that it was closed for the winter season. Don't worry that summer I went and toured it!

Those are my top blog posts as of recent! Now the keywords cracked me up a little bit on how people find my space...

1. Crossing Fingers
2. Bratz Dolls
3. All I want for Christmas
4. Good Bad Ugly
5. VooDoo Dolls

Now I'm curious... how did you find my little space in the big world wide web?