Friday, June 2, 2017

Birthday Wish List

This year I'm turning the big 33. While I'm not too excited about the age, I am excited to celebrate my birthday! I always have my mom and boo asking for ideas of things they can get me for my birthday so here's a few things that I would love to call mine.

1. Toms.

I have a pair of canvas shoes that I recently pulled back out and I realized how much I love wearing those kinds of shoes. I recently saw a pair of Toms that would go with a lot of things that I wear and would be great for summer! Their in the color Ash.

2. Village Pieces.
On my recent trip to Tennessee, I was able to get several pieces for great prices. I want to keep adding to it and since all the pieces are so cute, it's hard not to! I got a great Marilyn who stands outside a theater, now I just need the theater! I love this Victory Theater! I also want the Griswold House because I have several pieces from the National Lampoon Series. I would also like to get Boss Shirley's house because I feel it's not as popular and they will discontinue it quickly.

3. Beauty & The Beast Mystery Mini.
I had no memory of ever seeing the original Beauty and the Beast animated movie. I think as a kid, I was just way more into 80s movies so I hardly remember watching any of the "classic" Disney movies. When the new movie came out, we went to see it and I really liked it! Funko came out with these Mystery Mini's of all the characters. Unfortunately, you don't know which one you are getting until you open the box and they made several of them available only at certain stores. I have got the entire set except one... Cogsworth the clock! I keep these little figures on my dresser and look at them every morning when I get up so I'd like to finish my set!

4. Books and Movies.

I love reading and I love movies. I'm still trying to get these movies (I've wanted them for quite some time) and I love books! I've been reading a lot this year! I need several of my favorite author- Stuart Woods.

Of course, I would just be happy to spend time with my boo and my mom! I wish we could spend my birthday together but this year Skype will have to do!