Monday, June 12, 2017

Favorite Soundtracks

There's nothing quite the same when a good song comes on the radio and you instantly remember it from one of your favorite movies. The other day I was coming home and normally I listen to the Elvis channel non-stop (I have Sirus radio) but I decided to just see what was on and instantly came Huey Lewis and the news and I was transported to watching Back to the Future as a kid (who am I kidding... a few weeks ago) and crushing on Marty McFly. So I started thinking about all the great movie soundtracks that have came in to my life. These are just a sprinkling of my favorites...

1. Romancing the Stone
If you've been reading for awhile, you already know my deep love for this movie. To me it isn't just a movie, it's a guide to life.  The fact that the soundtrack is my number one should be no surprise. I actually walked down the isle at my wedding to the main titles.

2. Crocodile Dundee
The songs are all instrumental and I love them. My favorite songs on the album are: Mick Meets New York and the Theme. Maybe I should go out and get a didgeridoo since I love this soundtrack so much. I'm sure my neighborhood would love that. Fun Fact- Did you know that someone has actually played the didgeridoo for a solid 10 hours!?! Check it out! It's on youtube.

3. Grease 2

I know, I know... most people just love the first movie and can't stand the second but not me. I love the second movie even more than the first. Cool Rider is one of my favorite songs. Not to mention the Hula music and Girl for all Seasons. I have literally played this album over and over on road trips and know every single word.

4. White Christmas

My favorite Christmas movie and it took me 32 years to get the soundtrack. It's actually not available in the U.S. but I was able to score a burned copy from someone overseas. Due to the record labels they actually never released all of the songs on one album here in the USA but overseas they did! Now, I can sing along to Snow while driving home in 105 degree weather in June! It's terrific! And who doesn't love liverwurst and buttermilk to help you go to sleep?

5. The Blues Brothers
The Blues Brothers is just one of those movie soundtracks that you just find yourself tapping your foot. Then you realize that your singing along and then you realize that you know all the words. I love the movie and I grew up watching it so it's natural that I know all the words to the soundtrack. While I'm not a big fan of the Blues Brothers 2000, I do love this original movie and soundtrack.
6. Sleepless in Seattle
I love this movie and I love the songs that are on the soundtrack. I love all of the older love songs and the newer (at the time) songs they also used. As Time Goes By is just a classic and we had this played at our wedding as well. I also love Harry Connick's A Wink and A Smile.

What's some of your favorite soundtracks?