Saturday, April 25, 2009

Funky Town

If you haven't noticed, I've been in a funk. Well you always have a choice. I chose to get my butt in gear and have FUN today! 
I ended up going to my favorite place for lunch: Fat Pattys!!! Love it! 
After lunch, I decided to do some extensive shopping and add some new items to my wardrobe. I found some really cute brown cargo, capri pants. I also found a really cute 3/4 sleeve sweater on sale that I can wear come next fall. 

Have I mentioned that I'm addicted to Forever 21? We don't have an actual store in town so I have to order from their site. I had been eyeing a few things on there for over a week so I placed that order. I will soon be the owner of...

The only difference is I got the top in purple and not orange.
I hope everyone had a great Saturday...sorry for the funk everyone!!!
Mrs.GIJoe you are SO nice!!! That email helped me alot. Thank you!


Random Musings said...

LOVE the dress.. especially in purple!

I heart forever 21 too!

TJ said...

Funk?! Pfft tell me about it :) I have been sooo crappy about giving into it too but today I am getting out and hopefully retail therapying (yes I made that word up haha) it up.

LOVE the top and that ring is so cute :)

Anonymous said...

that ring is SO cute!

Sara said...

I heart that dress. Where is it from? I've been looking for something like that. All the dresses out now are either very flowy from the boobs down or too tight! I want something in between! That looks perfect.

lola said...

super cute! :)

In This Wonderful Life said...

cute finds!!! love that dress :)

daniella said...

I know many people make fun of Forever 21 but I LOVE (most of) their stuff. I find that their quality is getting better and better every year.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's nice to "meet" you!