Thursday, April 9, 2009

Theater Thursday

I've decided to make Thursdays: Theater Thursday!
I'm an avid fan of movies. My favorite category of movies is cheesy 80's movies/chick flicks. This week I've decided to feature: Clue! Circa 1985. I'm sure many of you have seen it but if you haven't...check it out! I use to love playing the board game as a child. When I first saw this movie it made me smile and think of all the times I would play the game with family and friends. 
If you haven't seen this movie or even if you have, make sure you watch the edition that features the alternative endings. Some of them are funny! My favorite character....Mr.Green.

If your not into 80's movies or chick flicks, check out...
Jarhead. Now before you start criticizing, let me explain myself. I think every person who's dating/engaged/married to someone in the military should watch it. I have to confess I did NOT have any interest in EVER seeing this movie. I only watched it because sweets asked me to. He kept on me and on me about watching it. Everyday when he called one of the first things out of his mouth would be, "Did you watch that movie I told you to get?" I would respond, "No!" One day I finally asked him, "Why do you want me to watch it so bad?" and he said he thought it would give me more of an idea what it's like over there on a day to day basis. So finally I gave in, when out, bought it and proceeded to watch it. 

In the beginning it wasn't too hard to watch but once it got more into it, it was VERY hard to watch. There were parts that I cringed at. So WARNING it's not for the faint of heart. Once I watched it, I chewed Matt out. I couldn't believe he suggested it. The more I got to thinking about it though, I'm glad I did watch it. So if you think you can handle it....check it out.


Unknown said...

Hmmm, I have heard of Jarhead but have never watched it. So Maybe I will! The clue movie looks like it would be fun and I too loved that game growing up! Heck, I still like to play it! Infact I want to get the new Nintendo DSI because they have all kinds of cool solve the mystery games like clue...I'm huge into mystery and intrigue:p and if I say mystery one more

almost DUNN said...

I LOOOOOOOOVE eighties movies! I have heard of Clue, but have never seen it! I will have to check it out. The biggest plus about being an 80's movies fan is that they are always in the $5 section at Wal-Mart- woo hoo! (Altough Wal-Mart supposedly is unfair to their employees, they are NOT unfair to my wallet!) Thanks for your sweet comments, and I look forward to reading your blogs!!

Anonymous said...

I love Jarhead, but the hubs, being an Army guy, wasn't too happy about be watching it and drooling. :)

JB said...

My hubby has been on my case to watch Clue with him, he loves that movie. I guess I just might give in after all. I do love playing though, it's a lot of fun.

Jarhead was a good movie especially, the eye candy. :)

Mommy, That's My Name, Don't Wear It Out said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Clue!! What a great movie! Leslie Ann Warren was my fave- Miss Scarlett!

Cute blog you have here!! Glad I found ya!

Samantha said...

Hey Thanks for checking out my blog! :)
The first time I saw Jarhead I was completely disappointed... I didn't get it. I went into it expecting a War movie! but that is not at all what this was. When I watched it again it is actually a good movie. More of Jake's ass than I ever thought I would see but all the same-- it was good times.