Thursday, October 20, 2011

Theater Thursday

It's Theater Thursday! This week's featured movie is one of my fall favorites, The Beautician  and the Beast
I don't know why, but around this time of the year when it starts getting cold, I always want to watch The Beautician and the Beast. The movie stars Fran Drescher as beautician Joy Miller. One day while Joy is working at the beautician school, a fire starts and burns down the building. During the fire, Joy realizes that tons of animals are trapped inside the building and decides to save them. She was rewarded by getting her name and photo in the paper. 

The photo was seen my a diplomatic representative from Slovetzia named Ira. Ira misunderstanding, believes that she's a school teacher and decides to hire her. Joy (Drescher) thinking this is a great opportunity, hops on a plane and heads overseas for her new job. Once she lands she realizes that she's now student teacher for three children that belong to Slovetzia's President, Boris (Timothy Dalton). 

While there Joy realizes that Boris isn't as tough as he wants everything to think. While Joy is having to keep the secret from almost everyone except Ira that she really isn't a school teacher. Over time, she starts to develop feelings for Boris but realizes they can probably never be. 


Kerr said... this movie! I thought I was the only one!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

May need to see this...

Summer said...

OK I LOVE this movie like alot now I wanna see it again ha!

hope your well

star said...

I've never watched it! but it looks like I might like it!!

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

Ha! I have actually watched this one!

Adrienne said...

I've never seen this one! It looks good, I'll have to check it out! Thanks for the review