Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

As Kit once said in the movie Pretty Woman, "You Gotta Have Goals!"

It's a new year and that means a few new goals. The last couple of years I've been setting a few each time the calendar gets flipped over and this year will be no different. Last years goals got a little off track with the big move so I'm giving myself a pass on those. The goals for this year are a MAJOR priority though. As you'll see some won't take too long but others will take the entire year to complete. 

1. To read at least 50 books. The past two years, I have come sooo close to this. Last year I read 36 books and in 2011, I read 44 books. I think this could be my year! 

2. To pay off debt. The past two years, I've said I was going to do this. This year I'm making my goal more feasible. I'm going to focus on one specific card and my car loan. Once I get those two done, I'll focus on my other credit card. I'll be able to see the results faster than spreading myself to thin over all of the debts. 

3. To save money. I had been doing so well with this for the past three years. I had saved enough money to pay a down payment for a home. In 2012 I did just that so now it's time to start building my savings back up. Yes, it's hard to do while paying off debt but that's why I have to keep my eye on the prize. 

4. To get out there. Since moving to California in August of 2012, I haven't really explored the town. They've got a huge casino within a 20 minute driving distance. There's the redwood forrest. Reno, San Jose... etc. The list could go on and on. So I'm going to make a point of getting out there. I'd love to head up to Lake Tahoe and snowboard before the winter is out so I'm going to try to do that soon. 

5. Send real mail. Last year I made this a goal and succeeded! I sent cards out for Valentines Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. This year I'm going to try to keep up the card giving. I feel it brightens people's day to get a real letter in the mail! If you received one of the cards from me, Did you enjoy it? 

6. Focus on the now. Lately, I've been having a really big problem with focusing on the future and worrying about tomorrow and the next day, etc. I need to try to just focus on the day to day and what makes me happy. I can only control myself. I can't control others or anything else that goes on. So it's time that I focus on me, my happiness and my day to day. 

Will some of these goals be hard? For sure! But can I accomplish all of them? Well of course! It's just going to have to take hard work, will power and determination! I'm sure I'll ask myself a few times over the course of the next year, "Do I really want those new shoes?" "Do I really need the name brand dish cleaner?" But when the end of the year comes, it's going to be worth it.


Jennifer said...

Sending out real mail is a good one! I miss sending out letters and cards. I use to do it for everyone's birthdays.

star said...

These are all great goals!! I also want to read at least 50 books!

Unknown said...

Doing the debt snowball is the best way to do it. I hope that it will work well for you this year! There is a casino on a reservation outside of sac that has like an organic buffet, you should check it out.

Deidre said...

These are fantastic and I think pretty realistic and achieveable goals (some others I've read are not!).

Living in the now is so hard, and is definitely something I struggle with too!

Adrienne said...

These are awesome goals! You'll totally do great with them, I'm sure of it.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I got cards from you and LOVED them... I wish I was less lame with ending snail mail back.

I hope you get all your goals accomplished this year!

Apajquwbe said...

great goals.... almost ALL of my goals are financially related... gotta get it together.

Jax said...

Love this so much! Love your real mail! You inspire me. I need to do SO MUCH BETTER at that. I'm really horrible. Like REALLY horrible. Hell, I can't even manage twitter half the time.. haha.. Sheez. I used to worry too much about the future, too. I still do, but I've been working harder at living in the present. It's really a hard thing, though. I mean, you want to take that awesome vacation, but you also want to save for next year... It just gets confusing. :) Way to go on putting yourself out there! MEeting new people is HARD. If my happy rear makes it out to CA, we can go hit the town!! :) Granted, with this wedding stuff, my happy rear is eating ramen at home for the next year.. haha!

JG said...

I like your goals! I really like the "send more mail." Who doesn't love getting mail?

Steph said...

One day at a time.

It's hard to pay off bills and save money at the same time. Set a goal and stick with it.

Your Christmas card totally made my day!

Shoshanah said...

If you're looking for places to visit, I would try to get to Mammoth Mountain. I'm not sure how long of a drive it would be for you, but that's where we used to always go skiing growing up.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Happy 2013 to you, girl. :)
And yes, I loved the cards. :) Snail mail forver! ;) lol


P.s. I really should stop using smiley faces. ;)

Rachel said...

I love goals 3 and 4! I need to get out more in my town.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

These are fantastic goals! I still need to think of mine!

Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

I love love love your goals! One of my major ones is paying off debt as well... it's so hard, because it's a little bit at a time, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the long run! Hope your new year has been going fabulous!
PS: I need to read more too! I've started doing audiobooks from the library for long car trips and it's been fab!