Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Wish List Part II

Incase you missed it, in September I posted a few little trinkets that I have on my wish list for Christmas. Now since it's actually December, I thought I would add a few more things to the list.
This 5 Tier Corner Shelf. I have one in a different color and it's very handy. I'd love this white one for my bedroom. It comes apart and it's so easy to put together. Plus it's on amazon and qualifies for free shipping! $31.04

This Alex and Ani bracelet. I have a few different Alex and Ani bracelets and they are great. Every single one that I have is for a specific reason and when I saw this one I instantly loved the phrase. Right now it's $28.00 on their site but they have a code of Fearless that gets you 5.00 off so it's only $23.00
A Target gift card. I'm asking Santa for a treadmill for Christmas and I'd love to buy some hand weights to go along with it. Plus... Target has everything! I could buy movies, books, clothing. Anything! They are one stop shop!

And then there's this...
The Skyline Furniture Surrey Tufted Headboard in Full White. I've been obsessed with this headboard for about two years now! I love it. $300.00

I'm also wanting one of those clear, glass scales too. I mean with a treadmill and weights, I'm going to need something to know my progress!

Hope everyone gets something from Santa this year!


Deidre said...

Love all these! I only asked for two things this year for Christmas...but now I kind of wish I'd asked for a coat rack...oh well.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I already got one of two things I wanted - new luggage!

his little lady said...

A Target gift card is definitely a good present to get! That way you can get exactly what you want :)
xo TJ