Thursday, December 19, 2013

Theater Thursday

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It's Thursday and that can only mean one thing... it's Theater Thursday! This week's featured Christmas Edition movie is, Love Actually.
Love Actually is full of an all star cast. The Prime Minister of England (Hugh Grant), a newly widowed man and his son (Liam Neeson), a husband and wife (Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman) and newlywed (Kera Knightley) and a has been rocker (Bill Nighy). What do they all have in common? They are all dealing with love in their lives. The stories of their lives lead up to Christmas. Each one is dealing with their own issues and what's going on in their professional and personal lives.
This is a story of discovering love, finding it and keeping it. It's also a story of going after what you want and since it's Christmas that makes it even more important to go for it. Love Actually has become a classic film for the holidays. Its been out a decade and is here to stay! If you haven't watched it... do it! You'll enjoy it. 


Meghan said...

YES! I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I can watch it over and over again, and it still gives me chills!

Ichraq said...

i've never actually seen this movie! everybody loves it though, i think i need to rent me a dvd and watch asap! thanks for the recommendation :)

Shoshanah said...

How have you not featured this movie till now! This is one of my favorites!