Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Confessions

I have a confession to make.
I'm obsessed with Instagram but that's not confession. My confession is that I'm obsessed with a workout couple on there. They are Frank McGrath and Marissa Rivero.

They are both professional bodybuilding athletes. I came across her page one day when I was looking up fitness things and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I noticed that she would post photos of her food, exercising, bodybuilding trips and then personal photos. That's where Frank came in. I kept seeing her reference Frank aka pumpkin tits as she likes to call him. So I got on his page one day after she referenced him and put his @. Well then they started talking about how they do a long distance relationship. She lives in Florida and he lives in Canada. I started following both of them.

I like seeing them work towards competitions. I like to see the exercises and the food they pick to eat. That's how I originally learned about Quest Bars. Marissa had been posting them and saying she really liked to eat them. Well guess what some of them aren't too bad. I bought a whole box with one of each flavor. Trust me I know.

I also really like seeing their relationship. When they are together they spend time working out together and enjoying each other. She always has really great style and I love seeing her outfits. She's like my own little mini celebrity on instagram. So if you ever get bored one day on instagram and need some motivation for working out check her out! Frank is a beast! He's got some major muscles and from what I've understood he's been through a lot to get to where he's at today.