Friday, June 20, 2014

The Peanuts Gang

Our second stop on the Birthday Tour was the Charles M. Schultz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. My mom absolutely loves the Peanuts gang and we couldn't have been so close to the museum without stopping.
Charles Schultz was the creator of Peanuts. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock... all of them came from him hand and his mind. The Museum is filled with information on the start of Charles Schultz's drawing career and how he got started with the Peanuts gang. His original first week of drawing the Peanuts crew earned him 90 dollars.
When entering the museum you get a Charlie Brown hand stamp. Then you are immersed inside the comic strips of Charlie Brown and the gang. They've even got an entire mosaic wall that's made up of his comic strips.

They also have some of his famous comic strips blown up into full color around the building.
On the first floor of the museum, original comic strip drawings are encased around the rooms. Starting with his first one to his last one. He use to give a few of his original comic strips away as gifts and the museum has been able to acquire a lot of them back.

Upstairs, they have a lot of his personal belongings from his office, his awards and Peanuts products that he kept in his office. They've even got the original wall from his office that he would scrape his chair on when he'd get up from his desk after drawing.
 They've also got an area where you can take a stab at drawing your own comic strip. Mine didn't turn out that great. They've also got some comfortable chairs so you can rest your feet from all the walking around.
Outside the museum they've got statues of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock.

It was a beautiful day outside and we really enjoyed the museum. If you like the Peanuts gang and you're in Santa Rosa stop by the museum and check it out. They'll even give you a discount if you've got AAA.