Tuesday, September 2, 2014

7 Shows I'll Never Get Tired of Watching

Television shows come and go. Many are short lived and then others can go 10+ seasons. However, there are ones that stay with us forever. When I don't feel good, I have my go to shows and movies. There are shows that I love to watch over and over and never get old. I may know the plots, I may know who the killers are, I might even know the dialogue but they never get old. These are seven shows that I'll never get tired of watching...

1. The West Wing.

I first watched the West Wing after the last season ended. It's 7 seasons long and the final season had just been put out on dvd. I caught Best Buy having a sale on the first few seasons and I bought the first one on a whim. I had been hearing really good things. I went through the first season in a manner of days. I'm not someone who keeps up with major politics and that was my biggest worry when I first started watching. The writing was amazing. The characters are complex and people we find ourselves rooting for, people we hoped we could one day step up and be. This is by far one of my favorite shows ever.

2. Matlock.
I started watching Matlock when I was a kid. I would get up and turn on the WGN channel coming out of Chicago and watch two back to back each morning. I'd turn it on right as the theme song began to play. Matlock aka in real life as Andy Griffith will always remind me of my grandpa. I've seen every episode at least 10 times. I'm not joking. I'm low balling that number even. It lasted 9 seasons and every crime that Matlock had to investigate he always got down to who the real killer was. I know it's from the late 80's and early 90's but give it a shot. It was a good show!

3. Frasier.
Who didn't love Eddie the dog? Frasier was a spin off from Cheers. I never really watched Cheers but when I started watching Frasier, a radio shrink I would have tears from laughing so hard. The British live in physical therapiest for his dad who had been shot as a police officer. The competing younger brother with a wife we only hear about but never see. Roz the slutty friend who works with Frasier. It gave me 11 seasons of laugh. I have these on dvd and I still laugh with each episode.

4. Seinfeld.
Seinfeld was a show about nothing. The nothing's they went through, we went through. We all knew a close talker. We knew girls with man hands, we even had a crazy neighbor. This show talked about them. They brought them to center attention in a way that was hilarious. We could all relate to their crazy lives. The clothing might be a little dated now but this show is still relevant. I've seen every episode but I still crack up watching the repeats.

5. Charlie's Angels.
This was another show that I watched in repeats while I was growing up. These were three strong women, who were out in the world working in a male dominated occupation. These women were smart, funny, beautiful and could keep up with the guys. These women did everything.. roller skate, go on cruises, work the circus... they did it all to catch the crooks.

6. Sex and the City.
I was late to the party of SATC. I didn't start watching this show until the last season was on HBO. I caught up with every season within two months and loved it. I rooted for Big, I hated Big. I wanted her to marry Aiden. I wanted her with Big. When Carrie left for Paris I screamed at the tv. When Samantha had cancer, I cried at her speech. When Charlotte was heartbroken over Harry, I hoped they'd get back together. I love this show and I loved the bonus movies. The episodes don't get old. The dates are funny and their lives were amazing to watch.

7. Designing Women.
This show broke a lot of boundaries at the time. These women of Sugarbakers Design firm talked about real issues that weren't getting talked about on television. The seven seasons it aired it brought tons of laughs, tears with major issues like the AIDS battle and even personal issues with weight battles of the celebrities. These women were pioneers and they did it with the help of one man who had an unfortunate event of incarceration.


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yay for Sex and the City, I totally agree!

Anonymous said...

Watched all of these show sporadically (never in full) and several are on in repeats here in Aus.

SATC, Designing Women, Charlie's Angels, Seinfeld, all repeated here at the mo.

I was never a fan of SATC, kinda got into the West Wing towards the end but never saw in full. Watched Frasier and Designing Women every week. They were big shows when they aired.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I was obsessed with Matlock, and Charlie's Angels. Sex and the City will always be a part of all of our lives i guess. :) Never got into The West Wing but heard it was soooo good.