Friday, September 12, 2014

Five On Friday

1. I have a new guilty pleasure. It's called Leann and Eddie...
Um, how did I not know this show had started airing till recently> I've been trying to catch up on past episodes and the show is actually really good. I've always been interested in their story since they made the movie that caused the cheating heard round the world. I think I'll keep watching for now. They seem really good for each other and happy. Leann also doesn't seem as unstable and crazy as the tabloids make her out to be.

2. These shoes...
I saw them on Pinterest a few nights ago and can't stop thinking about them. They are ridiculously expensive and super hard to find because it turns out their from a few years ago. BUT I want them! I think they would go great for an upcoming event. Someone buy me these 1,000 dollar shoes.

3. Speaking of Pinterest, I've been on a pinning roll. I've been pinning everything from fudge to wedding flowers. Not only have I been pinning, I've actually been making things that I see on there. I've used two recipes this past week that I found on there. One being the stuffed peppers that I talked about earlier in the week and the second some breakfast egg cups. I mixed some eggs, cheese and sausage for some easy morning breakfast.

4. I finally caved and bought a reusable water container. My work has a water jug and for the low price of 3.00 a month I can drink as much as I want from it. Beezy and I figured that it would be cheaper to start doing that than buying bottled water. So we got a pretty container for me and a brita one for him. I have to admit, I've drank A LOT more water now that I have the container than when we were buying bottles. Maybe it's the fact that it's a straw? I don't know. Either way I've got a cute container on my desk. I went with an Aladdin Mason Jar container. 
My jar is solid purple instead of pink. It's also double sided so the water stays cool without causing condensation on the outside. Each filled jar is 20 oz. of water when a bottle of water for me was usually 16 oz.

5. Am I the only one who feels behind on their Christmas shopping? I usually start shopping in June and I don't have one single thing yet for people. I need to get on it. Like now. Dear Amazon? Why did you have to change your minimum price for free shipping? That wasn't nice. Stop trying to make me join prime for free shipping in two days.


Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Yup, I am behind Christmas shopping. Well, I haven't even started yet. Crazy. Usually I would have a list ready. So not me. So, it's not just you girl!
I agree with the water. I do have my container and drink from it. I however still buy bottled water for emergencies and I recycle them. Last time I go close to $10. That was amazing.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love reusable bottles. I hate drinking from glasses (it's weird, I know) and I feel guilty drinking from plastic SO a reusable bottle is much needed.

And those shoes. WOW.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, we always find things, fall in love, then find out it's a few years old, we go on a mad finding spree googling the bejesus out of it trying to find someone who's still got it or is selling a second hand version. Been there and done that, lol.

Those glasses are all the rage these days and I have four clear ones that I load my Pepsi Max into on the weekends.

As for xmas.....oi!

LaNeshe said...

I love my mason jar like that! It's definitely made me drink a lot more water.

Tori Bella said...

I do better with straws too! I cannot believe you watched Eddie & Leanne. They're kind of awful. Those shoes are hawt.